Here's a suggestion - open a kickstarter!

Open a kickstarter campaign for new DLC, 'couse we’re all sick of getting one DLC per 6 months. You don’t want to implement micro transactions into your game, and we don’t want to wait half of year to get “new” content.
Of course, it’s a joke, but you simply must think of some way to produce more content for your community. Is there really nothing you or we can do to help the game to develop?

Release map tools. We’ll make our own DLC.

but if this happens we won’t buy future DLC so…

Who is sick of this…?

BTW the first DLC dropped five months after launch, and the second DLC dropped 4 months after that. That’s a pretty good rate.

Especially since we’ve gotten some big patches like 1.1 content patch in there as well.

Also, throwing money at it wouldn’t change anything. A small studio can only pump out content so fast. I’d rather they take their time and polish things a bit more.


Probably once ps4/xbox/pc versions will be settled, they’ll work more in that direction.

Map tools would be dank


DLC doesn’t necessarily have to contain maps. It could be cosmetics or weapons or additions to the metagame like adding a hardcore mode or seasons. If they really wanted to get some community engagement flowing, they could release map tools and set up a process for sanctioning player-created maps so they could be added to the regular map rotation.

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That would be so sick! I want it right now.

Map tools will not happen while they plan on releasing maps - it’s just bad business sense.

Player sanctioned maps in the pool might eventually make the pool so large that QP becomes a bit of a pot-luck situation. People might then go to hosting the ones they really like rather than any random map from potential huge pool of DLC and player-made maps.

Letting players make their own playlist of maps which they can play would be awesome, allowing groups to play a selected choice of maps. Even in QP it would play from the hosts playlist.

In any case, there’s no harm in suggesting something that you think might be cool. Even if the exact suggestions don’t fit into FS’ plan, maybe they can get some ideas out of them.

This would be amazing but unfortunately even if the devs wanted to, wont happen because Games Workshop runs a tight ship with regards to their IP and has to oversee / sign off on everything. You have to be licensed by them (or something to that effect) to create Warhammer content.

I don’t know all the legalese, but there was a detailed discussion about it in the pre-launch days. Mega bummer because user created maps would be amazing for game longevity, even if they were only in the mod realm! I sunk many, many hundreds of hours into L4D playing mod maps.

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It actually isn’t having 10 times the players would open so many doors for them but that doesn’t matter they just aren’t able to do it.

Oh, I know there’s a ton of reasons that my suggestion is never going to happen. Player created maps in the mod realm maybe, but in the official realm in the regular map rotation? Certainly not.

I’m mostly just daydreaming when I suggest stuff like that. What I really want is hardcore mode, but that would split the playerbase and I’ve never seen anyone else call for it, so I don’t think that’s going to happen either.


Dawn of War had hundreds of thousands of player-made maps able to be hosted. Sanctioning would filter out those that GW didn’t think suited their IP. Player made maps in the rotation is a possibility although the amount of work could be immense to get a map sanctioned.

It would be cool if there were more last stand maps and making them easily accessable. (Fortunes of War, Schlüsselschloss, Temple of Sigmar)
And in case that happens it would be possible to let players do custom challenges on them by editing what spawns and where with a build in small editor.
I do think this is inside the realm of possibility and GW wouldn’t mind.
In order for people to see the challenge lvl there could be points given for every enemy placed this could also influence the quality of loot revived for completing them.

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