Haymaker blessing has been fixed to NOT kill ogryns and it now has very low value

this is an example of a bad fix on a blessing that felt good to use. now, its not worth. pls reconsider haymaker having this ability to kill everything except bosses again

I dunno, a 1 in 5 for a dagger attack to one shot a crusher or reaper seems like a bit too much to me. Should still often speed up TTK on a bunch of elites for most weapons that can get it. Still helps bully club clear hordes better than any of the its other blessings. Seems fine as it is now to me.

Probably a dagger shouldn’t have this blessing in the first place? Haymaker should absolutely be reverted for a bully club.

5 heavies is assuming you have the highest tier blessing and even then, its a blessings: these things should feel impactful. blessings should def feel like something more than a tool that gets you by horde/fodder.

if zealot is the issue for this, than remove it from the pool for the combat blade. there are plenty of weapons that could use it over zealots knife

I would consider an up to 1 in 5 to one tap all human sized elites and specials pretty impactful. Certainly not just for trash enemies. Naturally your mileage may vary there somewhat.

Just want to clarify, nothing to do with Zealot in particular, everyone but Ogryn gets to use knife and haymaker works the same on all of them. Can definitely agree with removing haymaker from knife pool then one shotting Ogryns would be a little more reasonable though still pretty silly IMO.

Gotcha. Silly is ok, we’re in space shooting zombies and decomposing ninja dogs w/ glowing eyes. They made it clear this isn’t call of duty