Having gunners be able to break the charge abilities feel terrible

Currently playing both Ogryn and Zealot. There’s nothing worse than when I realize that I’m out in the open and I see a troop of gunners. My immediate decisions are either use my ability to charge into them, or to cover. Since the game claims that entering melee stops them from shooting you (which doesn’t seem to work well, at all), I decide usually to try and charge into them.

But sometimes if there’s a shotgunner, or some gunner, or just a lot of lads, my toughness breaks while I’m charging and I’m just immediately stopped. Sitting there dead in the water while I get melted by gunfire. This is also true while I’m trying to sprint, just get my toughness broken and my momentum just stops - even though I believe sprinting is supposed to avoid gunfire according to the tutorial. This also doesn’t feel like it’s working at all.

This just feel awful. I understand the intention is that you shouldn’t just run towards the enemies all the time, but the charge or sprint really shouldn’t be able to be interrupted like that.


Working as intended. Didn’t you play the CBT? Look at all the changes FatShark made, clearly everything was intentional with no care for game balance or design.