Have cosmetic drop rates been adjusted in the new update?

I saw that veteran items have now been adjusted (yay!), but have cosmetics been increased at all? I’ve been hunting Unchained’s skullmask for what seems like forever; lucky I even got a red at least.

That’s a good question, my brain happily interpreted “Veteran item rarities have been changed” as “Red gear and cosmetics”, but clearly it doesn’t actually state that.

Since the power has increased you’ll most likely be getting gear mostly. Once you max out, and can get those elusive emperors chests you’ll have a higher chance at getting a cosmetic.

You can only get cosmetics from commendation chests right now.

The latest newsletter stated that the first DLC will drop sometime in April and will be released soon. Before the DLC, however, there will be a content patch. Amongst other things this will contain hats for each character, skins (doesn’t say exactly what skins are, but either character skins or weapon skins) and lastly “Challenges”. So, things are on their way!

Since there’s only one hat per subclass at the moment, my guess is that once these new cosmetics has arrived, their drop rates will also increase.

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