Has the Kantrael XII always used 3 charges per shot?

or was this another stealth nerf?

Right, so I am at a bit of a loss - I THINK the lasgun was very ammo efficient and did not burn through charges like a hog before. Am I mistaken?


All las weapons ammo consumption is best described as “fuky”


yes it always had, only accatran pattern weapons consume 2 charges, its like this since the very beginning, it was never changed

making this blessing ever useless

all the weapons got buffed in patch 14, (not your mg XII though), exept headhunter autoguns that got destroyed for some reason

you should try mg 1a now, its an absotule beast, with headhunter and infernus blessings

honestly efficiency should just flatout do that without the downside, just maybe it would find some use sometimes, big if


Nothing has changed on the Kantrael XII.

However, some break points have changed. My Kantrael XII will no longer one-shot Ragers from a cold-start even with crit headshots for example, meaning they need another followup shot at least.

The MGXII has experienced changes around it without receiving commensurate buffs to keep it where is was, relatively speaking. The end result is that yes, it has been nerfed indirectly. There is basically no reason to use it over the medium Infantry Las now, and Infantry Las as a weapon category is woefully mediocre. Helbores are even worse.


And the mg4.

no it consumes 3, wait, you are right, wtf, it wasn’t like this last time i used it

When have you used it? It’s been 3 since launch 100%

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hard to say, i was using it on my gun psyker, but this was many months ago

maybe they missed addressing it in the patch 14 patch notes, you know how it is with fatshark, it could have happened at any point in history and we would have never noticed

in those patch notes they wrote that power swords special attacks had decreased damage to unyelding from 175% to 65%. but it was very much false, it felt like it got from 175% to 200% when i tested it myself

they didn’t even bother correcting it, its still there in the patch 14 part 3 notes


should be 175% to 200% as far as i’m concerned, i started messing with demon hosts after this patch just for that

Like others said, Lasgun ammo consumption has always been weird:

  • Kantrael XII / Ia = 3 ammo per shot, IV = 2
  • Helbore II, I, and III each = 2, 3, 4 per regular shot and up to max 4, 6, 9 per charged shot, respectively. In addition to the naming convention itself being odd with II being weakest, III strongest, and I the middle ground.
  • Laspistol = 2
  • Recon rifles II and VId = 1 per shot, VIIa = 2 per shot (so half the ammo of the others, on top of its slowest rate of fire)
  • Plasma = 3 per hip shot, max 9 with charged (good to know for anyone using Plasma, since 3 hip shots do about the same or more damage than a single charged one with less heat too, charged is generally only good when you want to cleave specials+ that a hipshot would not penetrate)

I’ve never understood this system, since anyone who doesn’t know this will be misled by the false ammo numbers and not realize they often have half or less of the ammo per clip or total as advertised. With Kantrael XII for example they should simply divide the current ammo numbers by 3 and make it consume 1 per shot. The Efficiency blessing is no reason to maintain this system at all. For that matter, it makes no sense for Kantrael XII of all things to even have it, being that it’s one of the most ammo economic weapons in the entire game and now also has the option of Shock Trooper (talent: lasguns use no ammo on crits).

But it is what it is. They really should improve some basics like this. Bursts have a similar problem, where you have no idea what kind of bursts weapons have without testing them. Even worse is the base crit percentage which isn’t anywhere at all but you have to google for it (well some weapons have a stat for that, and some of them still show it as Melee Crit Chance).

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I played since launch it is 2 as long as I can remember.

That only proves you have bad memory. K12 was 3 since launch and I am 70% even beta.


MG12 and MG1a infantry lasguns always used 3 per shot.
MG4 Infantry lasgun always used 2 per shot.

This never changed.


I think it is a relic of perhaps an older pre-beta build where efficiency actually meant something. Like a heating up mechanic, which makes sense. Las weapons use, essentially, batteries and batteries heat up when power is drawn through them and become less efficient the hotter they get so having the magazine account for just rapid0firing at zero efficiency (3 charges per shot) makes sense. If you don’t just spam your shots you are rewarded by not consuming as much ammo. This is not, however, how they work. Instead efficiency is only a thing if you have one of the blessings that gives it under very narrow circumstances.

Does it makes more sense to just say the non-hellbore las weapons use one charge per shot? Yes, yes it does. Will they change it? No, it doesn’t really effect anything and it has been that way since launch.

Thought you meant MG4 - you are right concerning the MG12.
Just like @Harridas said.


Let me correct you here friend.
The Efficiency blessing on Kantrael lasguns reduces the shot ammo cost to 1* ammo per shot every 5.5-4 seconds and the cooldown goes down even if you are constantly shooting your lasgun. So you will get the benefit of the shot costing only 1 ammo every 4 seconds at rank 4.

Efficiency’s current tooltip is incorrect. The cooldown goes down even if you are constantly shooting the gun. So every 4 seconds your shot only costs 1 ammo.

Devs should make the MGIV Kantrael a 3-round burst fire gun and they should also buff the XII Kantrael by increasing it’s damage.