Halberd changes suggestion

The weapon is already strong (too strong?) i though some damage number tweak could make it more unique instead of balantly m1 cancel spammer + push attack spammer.

2 suggestions : Allow the stab attack to apply headshot damage on 2 consecutive ennemies (atm stabbing in the head 2 ennemies will only do headshot damage to the first one), my seconde suggestion would be to add a seconde charge time on the heavy stab attack.

I belive the first suggestion would favorise a more diverse attack pattern witch would increase the gameplay, you can decide if you either want to CC and damage lots of foes (m1 cancel spam) or if you want to kill stuff (stab attack spam). I think these changes would make the gameplay more diverse and rewarding for any player that wants to put some thought in his attacks pattern. Same could be said for heavy stab, it encourages to stop the push attack spam against bosses (this attack is already strong against armored/super armored !).

Since these 2 suggestions are buffs, it migh be wise to nerf the first light attack damage or anything that favorise m1 cancel spam. And maybe nerf the third light attack monster damage. Another personal thought , crit build favorise brainless m1 spam against any kind of foe since all that attack benefit for a crazy amount of damage witch i found to be lame (mainly concerns Merc)…

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At least with Halberd you have to active the attack speed and then light attack > block > light attack. Other weapons, like Exe Sword, are the real LMB spam… but there’s nothing wrong.

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