Hadron Art Contest

Hello :slight_smile:
I’d like to make my submission to the contest. Here is my drawing:



Hello, I’d like to enter the art contest. But, I have a few questions.

I don’t have a good mind’s eye, so I draw from references. I do intend to make an original drawing and show all of the steps involved to create it and make it an original piece. I also intend to use AI to enhance my poor skills (I have a problem with shading and lighting) the pose of both characters will be my design, and the concept will (again) be my design. I often use AI art to enhance my own work that I freehand. **The way in which I use AI art is no different than someone who uses photoshop to create works of art that they would otherwise be unable to create on their own, or a topographer taking a shot of a building at multiple angles to get a complete 3-D model that they themselves had not created. ** I don’t know how else to say that I do most of the legwork, including the coloring and detail work.

So the first question is:

  1. Is the use of AI to enhance your art acceptable, provided it is drawn from your own work?

If so, I wanted to inquire about 3-D models so that I can pose them and draw them myself. As it stands, I am doing a trace of an Ogryn Silhouette, but drawing on my own details and clothing.

Specifically, the 3-D model I am inquiring about is a Psyker,

  1. are there 3-D models available for reference artists? Or is this a freehand contest only?

Please respond as soon as possible so I can make sure to get started on my work. If need be, we can have a private chat about what I intend to draw to assure you, Fatshark, that this is 100% original (to my knowledge.) I did search the internet to make sure there weren’t any images matching the description.

For other forum readers, I’d ask you not to reply to this post as I’m just a disabled guy trying to use the tools available to help him express his concept. Thanks. Also, if you want to see some of the works that I’ve posted, I do have some public sites where I show the before and after of my own works are done freehand, then used with AI to enhance what I was attempting to draw.

Contextual Disclaimer:
I understand the controversy involved with AI art, and it is a question of “Stealing another’s work.” I don’t know enough about how it works to such detail to know whether that’s 100% true or not, but I do know for a fact, that many people use reference art, even trace to do their works. Such submissions have been accepted in this day and age before in other contests, I don’t see the difference.

My behance link:

To prove the work is mine

Thank you for a chance in competition:
While my name on forums is usually Feltrand as it is a name of my original OC from old games, as an artist I run by MetalDruidArt_Samo.
You can find more links to my socials here: @MetalDruidArt_Samo | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch | Linktree

The proofs of the creation of this piece can be found on my Twitter profile as you will find videos there, from my recordings while I was on Twitch:
MetaldruidArt_Samo :slovenia: on Twitter: “Sneak peek into the competition #wip piece of the #DarktideArtContest. Work in progress, just like Hadron Omega 7-7 is progressing in her works. #warhammer40k Find stream on Twitch: https://t.co/HSp4pXHmLc https://t.co/4r1kOUxURE” / Twitter

there are tags written on the side of the picture.

Traditional media:
-inkpens, various,
-water colors by Lefranc & Bourgeois,
-color brushpen by Sharpie,
-graphite spray, black
-citadel layer color: Auric Armor gold
-all made on a A3 format paper, scanned and joined together in Krita, watermarked in right corner


Hello! Here is my entry :smiley:
It was fun drawing Hadron!
hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:

also here’s my IG account if you wanna see some of my other works


Still seeking informationa s to my query.

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I really wanted to give it a try so here is Hadron exploring the inside of the Hadron Collider. (I can provide the source file with the different layers, if I have it to prove I made this and not an AI)
Praise the omnissiah !


Unfortunately as said in the information above we won’t be accepting submissions from participants who have used AI or AI tools , this includes tools used to enhance your work.

Right now we don’t have the 3d models available to players - but out of curiosity can I ask why you would like a Psyker model when this is a Hadron art contest?



Hadron can get come off as a little… intense.


Hello, here is my entry! Decided to do a little pixel art Hadron.


and here’s a still image in case the GIF doesn’t work:





Process: https://twitter.com/IVAN_8924/status/1640367026815533056


My entry for the contest! My Psyker attempting to have a lil upgrade, as a treat~

WIP for proof:

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Here is my submission, can’t be only me who saw it here…

also, here is timelapse of creating it!

good luck everybody!


So excited for this!

I affectionately call this one Rush Hour. I’ve been working pretty furiously on this since the contest was announced, and I saw a unique opportunity to pack mine and my friends characters into the background! Sorry for the nuisance, Hadron.

Here are some process pictures of…varying quality.

And here is the insta post if you want to see some closeups of the BG characters

Edit: Realised I forgot to throw my fatshark forum name on there, so I updated it.


hi mate, where did you get the bust from? I want to print it for my own.

You are making me… Testy…

28mm Hadron model converted from 40k miniatures. Shes pulled out a firearm as it wouldn’t be 40k without a gun.

Wips and my other darktide themed models on instagram.



Here’s an entry. So much respect for the real artists- don’t hesitate to disqualify me if you don’t want AI-generated images.

Behold, it is with great honor that I, as a humble valet, doth blend my two passions into this submission. Let it be known that Hadron is not one to be introduced, but instead revered as a creation of great magnitude and power. Praise the omnisahia.

IG : @willylions