Gutter runners seem broken

Issue Summary:
I found I was having difficulty with pushing and dodging gutter runners, so I got the Creature Spawner mod and practiced. I practiced to the point where it was easy and boring. planted foot push, dodge push, etc.

When I encounter a gutter runner in a public game, it goes like this:
I see it, and no one else is around. It leaps, I push, and it tackles me for a bunch of damage. Then, it immediately bounces off and disappears with no save in the kill feed. This happens every time I encounter one.

When I go back to the creature spawner, everything works like I expect it to and I don’t get tackled.

Is this a bug or do I need to git gud somehow? If it’s lag, what can I do to remedy it?

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Do you host the public game? That may be caused by a small network lag. This kind of precise activity is very sensitive to this kind of things. I found myself reliably hitting GRs in the face only when I’m hosting (or when playing with neighbors at 2-5ms lag). In the public games I prefer to dodge out of its way a little bit early.

i figure it is lag, but why does it chunk health and leave you vulnerable before realizing you did indeed push it? That part seems like a bug, or at least a bad mechanic.

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That’s part of the server side prediction. The host sees that you got pounced before it gets a signal from your client that you had pushed the runner in time. I guess. At this point your health got decreased and your stagger animation got started, so the lag should be beyond the ability of the server to repair the correct chain of events.

Jep what you describe is common the runner leaps I stab (even before he leaps) or shot him during the leap he pounces me, I get the pounce dmg he get’s of me and smokebombs himself the fück outta here.

As others have noted, this is probably a symptom of events being somewhat misordered by network latency, it’s a tough one to remedy with the current implementation. Over time and repetition it’s possible to adapt to the circumstances and get a “feel” for how a game is playing out depending on the host you’re connected to, but that’s obviously not ideal. :frowning:

now combine that with 180 fast turn mini boss hit, chaos warrior 180 punch in face hit, mauler 10miles running attack hit same as fanatic, broken chaos system slot and many others things…
u will end up this is not the game i “feel”
FIX ur game as client not as host because last time i saw there is 0 servers up

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