Not mine, but seems this is new bug, worse version of failed blocking

Issue Summary:

i saw this on reddit but there is no comment from dev, so i post it here for fixing this

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We’d need logs and more information from the player in honesty. Could well be latency related and the unit wasn’t reporting an accurate location to the client (which is why others could kill the unit)

I’ve been getting this a lot as host. It’s mot consistent but occasional boom… one unit only champion why is it hitting through block. I’ve stopped using daggers.

Obviously different to what i was getting. This is a desynch of some sort.

why he did not play on server?
o right we dont have any. empty promises

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Reported it here @Fatshark_Hedge : Cannot deal damage or interact with anything after joining a lobby
The solution I was told to try is working for now.

Yea, it’s caused by the “Player List Plus” mod and “smaller network packets” interacting.

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