Guns and level 30 Psykers

As things stand now, when you reach level 30 on Psyker and have unlocked all the staves, I see very little point in using guns instead of the voidstrike or the zappy staff.

Guns have zero synergy with their abilities or talent tree ; and on higher difficulties, ammunition gets scarce. Meaning, you’ll be depriving your Veterans, Zealots and Ogryns from ammunition that they really might need (excepted the plasma gun users, I guess).

And while guns do not raise Peril, at level 30 Peril management isn’t so difficult, especially after the Quelling buffs in the hotfix.

So now, guns are basically just a trap, or something to experiment with on lower difficulties for fun ?

imho yes, though i guess you could run a rapid fire gun for that 10% chance to gain a charge… ive seen people do it, it seems incredibly stupid to me considering the amount of CC youre giving up… and you can just trigger that with the incredible amount of hits youre getting from staves anyway

unfortunately… nothing synergizing with guns is also true for nothing synergizing with staves too, which seems really odd considering youre “still” melting people with your brain… its not a gun

The staffs ‘almost’ have no synergy with their talents. Which is insane. It’s mostly just brainburst.


Well you know, there’s still the Peril resistance one, and the Toughness regen on Warp attack kill…

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Problem with that one is that it’s actually hard to get kills with the lightning or conflagration staff when it matters. A lot of the time the damage is too spread out to give you reliable regen.