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@Fatshark_Hedge Any chances of getting a guild system implemented. I’m thinking of a basic MMO style thing. You can join a guild, make parties with each other, have in game chat for the guild. It’d be great to find like minded people in game, organize deeds or twitch games and then just jump into it. It could be something as simple as the in game friends list we already have with a different key for guild chat. That way we don’t have to add everyone to friends, can see who’s online in the guild and make parties.


Wasnt there some mod that linked to discord ? Maybe something like that

Perhaps. I was just thinking a guild system could be fun. Consider it like an in game friends list. At the same time, there’s lots of things they could do with it. Add in leader boards for guilds, most clears based on difficulties, deeds, etc.

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Maybe an option to design a banner for your guild which could be hanged in the keep.


It would be rather cool to see a social feature alike that. It could even come with its own Okri handbook, where members of said group can get rewards based on their feats when playing together, like achievements, amount of deeds done et cetera.

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This definitely does not feel like that kind of game. If you want an MMO maybe play an MMO.

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Not trying to make it an MMO. But I don’t see anything wrong with having guilds, aka a shared in game friend list. And as has been said in this thread, there’s so much they can do with it. I just think it’s a cool idea, wanna do deeds, join a deed guild. Wanna do hyper twitch legend on the hardest deeds, find a guild for it. At the same time, it’d be good for new players. They can ask a question in game in the chat and get an answer.

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I think the idea of a guild system would also help out with the lack of information for new players about how the game works. It is likely that starter guilds would be set up by people who like to teach others about the game and help them through the earlier difficulties while they learn.

Think the idea in general is a great one.

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