Guide to Collecting Level 380 Modifier Weapons


“Plus, and I must be honest here, I love swinging it. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” - 40K Ferris Bueller (probably)

This guide is written for players who are struggling to find level 380 modifier (max level) weapons. I have amassed over 50 of them myself (over 60 if you count duplicates on the same character), and I wanted to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that it might help someone else.

Disclaimer: There is no getting around Darktide’s brutal RNG. Instead, this guide focuses on how to improve your odds using the strategies that worked for ME. Your mileage may vary.

This is NOT an endorsement of Darktide’s weapon acquisition and crafting systems; I don’t like them anymore than you do, but we work with the tools we’re given. If you don’t play, you can’t win!


Every weapon in Darktide has an item rating comprised of the following:

  • Modifier Score: The block of stats highlighted in red above (capped at 380 presently)
  • Perks: Rated in tiers of 1-4, 4 being the highest (worth up to 25 item rating points each)
  • Perks: Rated in tiers of 1-4, 4 being the highest (worth up to 60 item rating points each)

A perfect weapon, like the one I crafted in the screenshot above, will have a Rating of 550.

This requires a level 380 Modifier weapon with at least one Tier-4 Perk and one Tier-4 Blessing. You can reroll one of your Perks as many times as you want and replace one of your Blessings.

Note: Rerolling a Perk and Re-Blessing locks the other one to the item, and while you can swap out Perks and Blessings afterward, the one you didn’t modify is permanently locked (see the little padlock icon above).


There are 4 sources of weapons and curios in Darktide:

  • Requisition Weapons and Curios - This store offers a set of random weapons and curios for sale and refreshes every hour, on the hour. The majority of my level 380s (95% or better) were purchased here. I also look for level 376-379 items but have separate highlight rules for those.

  • Brunt’s Armoury - This store allows you to buy specific weapons at the lowest (profane) quality (i.e., no perks or blessings) with a random modifier range. At level 30, the Modifier range is between 300-380 and will cost you 9,200-11,600 credits per item.

  • Sire Melk’s Requisitorium - This store refreshes daily at 13:00 GMT and offers a set of random high-quality (Exalted and Transcendent) items for sale using Marks, a separate currency earned through completing Sir Melk’s weekly missions. You will earn about 2-3K marks a week per character. Only about 5% (2/42) of my level 380 weapons were acquired from Sire Melk. It’s not unusual to see 1-3 weapons for sale/character/day with a Tier IV Blessing that can be extracted, so I’m always on the lookout for those and snag up any good ones that I see (this is how I got Power Cycler IV, Lacerate IV and other rare, but choice blessings).

  • Emperor’s Rewards - These are the random (mostly junk) weapons you get after successful mission completion. If you run Heresy and Damnation missions as I do, these will be Exalted and Transcendent weapons. I’ve never gotten a level 380 Modifier weapon this way. You’ll want to sacrifice any items with blessings you don’t have to Hadron, and sell the rest.

Now that we’ve covered where to get level 380 weapons (i.e., mostly the Armoury Exchange, and occasionally from Sire Melk), let’s talk about how to improve your chances of getting them:

  1. Attain level 30 on all four classes
    This is important for two reasons: Firstly, the higher your character’s trust level, the higher the level of items that will appear in the stores. Secondly, since the stores are RNG slot machines, the more characters you have, the better your chances of seeing something nice on at least one of them.

  2. Get the Armoury Exchange Browser Plugin and Check it Often
    (Armoury Exchange - Chrome Web Store)
    This plugin displays the contents of both stores on all of your characters. You can easily create Highlight Rules to call attention to items you want (e.g., 380 Modifier items).
    I highlight level 380 Modifier items and Tier-4 Blessings in RED, and level 376-379 Modifier items in LIGHT GREEN. This way, I can quickly see which items are worth picking up and ignore the rest. I check for items once when I get up, once before I leave for work, and every hour throughout the evening (between missions) while I’m online playing.

  3. Complete Sire Melk’s Missions Every Week on All 4 Characters
    Sire Melk’s Limited Time Acquisitions are the most dependable source of Tier-4 Blessings right now (usually 5-6 across all of my characters). Again, this is an RNG slot machine, so they’re often ones you don’t want or need, but occasionally you’ll see something desirable, so it’s worth checking periodically. On RARE occasions, I’ve even seen level 380 Modifer items for sale, which saves from having to blow your crafting resources upgrading to Transcendent.

  4. Do Heresy and Damnation Missions
    Higher difficulty missions reward you with higher quality Emperor Rewards. Damnation typically gives you a Transcendent quality item, giving you two chances to earn to find a blessing you don’t already have. Additionally, you’ll receive tens of thousands of credits, and hundreds of crafting materials, all of which you’ll need to upgrade, reroll, and re-bless low-quality level 380 Modifier weapons into something amazing.


Since most of the level 380 items you find will be profane-anointed in quality, you’re going to have to spend some resources upgrading them to Transcendent. Here’s how much it costs:

Level 380 Consecration Costs Table
Plasteel Diamantine
Profane to Redeemed: 150 0
Redeemed to Anointed: 200 0
Anointed to Exalted: 400 125
Exalted to Transcendent: 700 300
Total (Profane to Transcendent): 1450 425

While we’re at it, here’s my what it costs to refine items. After 18 tries, it no longer costs any resources, so keep rerolling until you get exactly what you wanted (or at least what you have the patience to settle for):

Refine Item Costs Table
# Plasteel Diamantine
1 75 25
2 56 19
3 42 14
4 32 11
5 24 8
6 18 6
7 13 4
8 10 3
9 8 3
10 6 2
11 4 1
12 3 1
13 2 1
14 2 1
15 1 0
16 1 0
17 1 0
18 1 0
19 0 0
Total 299 99

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this helpful!


I haven’t downloaded the Browser extension because FS made it seem like a possible account security issue, is that the case?

You can also use this one

Considering that an official post from FS links this platform as the place to redeem a code (and it says official website), i guess it should be safe.
You can check the stores via “Account Dashboard” button.

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I believe what you’re referring to was the Patch 1.0.22 notes from January 25, 2023. Here’s what it says:

Third Party Services

While we are generally supportive of these kinds of community-developed tools, we are aware that there are third-party services available which interface with our backend APIs using authentication tokens acquired from our Web services or the game itself. We just wanted to make sure that all our players are aware that Fatshark will not be accountable for any issues caused by using these tools, and that we don’t support using the token in any other way than with the official game client. This is done entirely at the players’ own risk. The danger of these services is that you are effectively giving out your Darktide account credentials with potentially excessive permissions to a third party which Fatshark has no control over.

This didn’t callout the “Amoury Exchange” browser extension by name, but was generally understood to refer to it, as well as any other third-party developed tools that accessed their backend API (this also includes GamesLatern’s Mission Board Tracker) and so on.

TL;DR - What they’re saying is that you use these tools at your own risk, and don’t come to them if it doesn’t work or causes you problems.

This browser extension developed by a modder named Raindish. Here’s his official Reddit post announcing the extension:

Raindish is also prolific Vermintide 2 modder, you can find his work here.

This is what he had to say about how his extension handles security:


I believe the extension is safe to use, and so I use it. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether that’s something you’re comfortable installing.


Really appreciate the in depth look at it, thanks a ton.


It only shows Account Details and User Preferences on the page for myself, maybe it has something to do with the Browser Extension?

@dragomusic,” is Fatshark’s account platform for Darktide. It’s normally used to claim drops like the one @Flawless posted above.

It authenticates using either your Steam or Microsoft account for Single Sign-On (SSO) depending on whether you bought the game in Steam or the Windows store.

The browser extension reads data that’s available through Fatshark’s Darktide API, then presents additional information that wouldn’t normally appear in your Account Dashboard. That information is still there, it’s just pushed down, replacing it with something like this:


Of course, you don’t have to use the extension, but it does make camping high-level gear a LOT easier.


And OFC you can look at the source code and build(compile) it yourself GitHub - danreeves/dt-exchange

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