Guide: Git Gud @ WS RQ

Here’s a RQ guide to facesploding everything as WS and reaching the peak of her potential.

Melee Weapon

Lot of flexibility here but I personally recommend either SnD or Glaive. Both are extremely well balanced. SnD is a good all-rounder with great mobility, extreme attack speed, excellent up-close-and-personal horde clear, excellent flow, great charged attacks and block cancels, an excellent push-stab, and ideal attack angles while still being passable against armour. Glaive is also a good all-rounder that sacrifices a bit of mobility, attack speed, and horde clear potential to gain superior armour pen. Essentially, what one of these choices lacks in one category it makes up for in the other without totally sucking in any situation. Most of her other weapons are passable as well, however.

Properties and Traits: There are two ways to min:max WS’ melee weapon. Either go Attack Speed + Crit Chance + Swift Slaying or go Stamina+2 + Block Cost-30% + Off Balance. I personally prefer the more aggro approach because it’s devastating, lets you put out higher numbers, you will proc Swift Slaying constantly, and it makes you kill way more when you really need to. I also consider it safer because going full meatgrinder with her just protects yourself and other people when you’re surrounded far more than turtling does. That being said, even with the defensive spec’d melee she can still sufficiently shred, and stamina +2 + block cost-60% (with the necklace factored in) dramatically enhances survivability in extreme situations. This ultimately comes down to personal preference and both options have their merits. I tend to believe the defensive + Off Balance approach is the better one (Off Balance is OP af) but still use the aggro loadout myself because it’s just so fun and sometimes the best defense is a good offense (and because green dust doesn’t #$%ing exist).

Ranged Weapon

Just take longbow. The reasons for this will become more and more clear as we progress through the guide but it’s just, by far, the superior option. It’ll kill everything the other bows can and more but it’ll get the job done faster, harder, and more consistently. There’s some grounds to debate Swift Bow with a Hunter trait thanks to the better ammo regen but it’s still not as good all-round as Longbow.

Properties and Traits: Crit chance +5% + Crit power +20% + Scrounger. WS already has enhanced crit chance and crit power, so doubling down on the kit gives you a ton of power. Eg. You can and will routinely one-shot Maulers. Thanks to her maxed out crit chance, Scrounger is a very reliable way of maintaining ammo. Pro Tip: Scrounger also applies to Trueshot Volley :wink: As such, Scrounger isn’t abusive and you can/will run out of ammo if you’re not a lil responsible but it gives you sufficient sustainability that you can lmb spam into hordes until the cows come home. If they’re spread out to the point you’re not always hitting multiple targets, it’s probably time to switch to melee anyways.


Health +20% + Block Cost reduction -30% + Natural Bond. If you’re going full-aggro on melee weapon, stamina +2 would be decent as well instead of block cost reduction. You can do stamina +2 block cost -30% but tbh, the extra health synergizes well with Amaranthe and helps compensate for the fact the game is still kinda a buggy mess and you’re just gonna take some hits for bs reasons you have no control over. As for Natural Bond, it’s incredible on WS because it stacks with Amaranthe and WS generates non-stop temp health regardless. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you’re even remotely good, NB is extremely potent and worth consideration on characters who can quickly/reliably generate temp health to begin with. This is especially true in Legend where healing is more scarce. The fact WS already has innate regen is just icing on the cake.


Attack Speed +5% + Crit Power +20% + Decanter>Proxy. Again, doubling down on WS’ built in strengths, making sure crits happen more often and hit harder when they do. If you know your team comp going in, Proxy can sometimes be by-and-away the strongest choice here but since Kerilian benefits equally from all three pot types where other characters sometimes don’t, I suggest Decanter. If you’re popping a potion on Kerilian, it’s for a good reason and all three varieties make her an unstoppable murder-beast, so Decanter is just 50% more murder-beast and turns the tides harder.


Crit Chance +5% + 33% Curse Resistance + Shrapnel/Grenadier. Don’t be a hero and try to get away with running Movement Speed or CD reduction instead of Curse Resistance right now. Again, as with taking health on the necklace, the game is too buggy to guarantee your skill is ever enough to compensate for the random janky crap that comes up sometimes and hits you when there’s nothing you could have done to avoid it. Eventually, the game will probably reach a state where Crit Chance +5% + CD/mvmt +5% is superior. There are solid arguments to be had regarding Shrapnel vs Grenadier but I don’t consider the Shrapnel debuff to be anything to balk at and it’s my personal preference. It also dramatically improves the value of Incendiary Bombs, where Grenadier does not.


MMMML: Most of these choices are self-explanatory or are already generally recognized as BiS but I’ll elaborate.

Morai Heg’s Scorn > Fury of Anath Raema >>>> Hukon’s Tenacity: Attack speed’s great but crit chance is more important as it synergizes with Scrounger to enhance sustainability and ensure more reliable performance against armoured targets like CW. Plus, her attack speed is already through the roof, especially with SnD, and more than enough to decimate any horde solo in melee w/o taking damage. Anytime you’re not spamming lmb attacks you’re performing a precision strike charged attack on an armoured target against whom you’ll likely have to block again right away, so the attack speed buff is going to waste there anyways.

Daughter of the Hunt >>> Arcane Bodkins >>>>>>>> Ironfeather Flights: Again, this is doubling down on WS’ top-tier crit chance and crit power. It works universally where Arcane Bodkins only works on headshots, making it considerably worse during boss fights where you’re just not gonna reliably land headshots consistently. Ammo on boss death is a pointless, trash talent.

Vaul’s Quiver > Isha’s Embrace >/= Rejuvenating Locus: Despite what some people think, ammo regen applies even when you’re above 50% health. With Vaul’s Quiver + Scrounger, you have the correct, best min:maxed amount of ranged sustainability without having to sacrifice anything more than you need to. Personal regen buff is a lil overkill as you’re gonna hit 50% very fast with vanilla Amaranthe + NB. Team regen is decent but the fact you’re entirely self-reliant when it comes to healing means more general healing for everyone else and the team regen isn’t gonna heal nearly as much damage as you prevent by never having to worry about ammo with Scrounger + Vaul’s Quiver. Rejuvenating Locus does work extremely well on Nurgles Rot deeds or no-pickup deeds where everyone is running NB as well, however.

Khaine’s Thirst. Obvious.

Asrai Focus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kurnous’ Blessing > Lifebloom Arrows. When given the choice to go full Yondu, always go full Yondu. You should be using Trueshot Volley virtually every time it’s ready, only pausing exactly long enough to aim it for max impact. Even if you can’t see enemies, just aim it where you know it’ll likely encounter enemies (avoiding areas where you know there are enemies you can avoid) and fire it. 30% more Yondu is better than the piddly few arrows you get from Blessing because Scrounger + Vaul’s Quiver already got yo back. The Lifebloom perk is trash because you’re already getting ridickadonk temp health vis-a-vis you’re basically The Wife from Kill Bill to begin with, but with a slaughter-bow.


(Note: Writing this for SnD or similar dual wield. If you’re rocking Glaive, be more aggressive vs CW and SV)

Pretty simple and self-explantory and a lot of it is muscle memory you’ll just have to feel out for yourself. Quickly/efficiently land headshots on SV and most specials. Go for body on Mauler. CW, if you’re the only one hitting it, you can handle just fine with ranged headshots but if it’s the fray, either switch to charged melee spam at the head while dodging or simply focus on everything to give your team more breathing room while the people specialized at CW murder do their thing. LMB spam into hordes until they get close enough to make melee the better DPS option. Weapon swap is smooth/fast on WS so never be afraid to strafe back and pop a few rounds into a clump to boost temp health and spike your DPS output. In melee against unarmoured, spam LMB while constantly strafing with a breath in between to keep from running out of dodges. If a SV is in the mix, keep doing the same but avoid his swings and perform one charge attack when there’s an opening, being sure to aim it such that you also kill the trash around him with the swing. The push-stab is also AP and has excellent range/speed so practice it and get use to using it in similar situations; it lets you sneak in some instakills or AP damage where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You have the survivability to carry a grim if you want but since you make such good use of all three pots, it’s better not to. In order of priority, factoring in other character’s needs, you should choose Speed >>> Str=Conc. Kerilian really gets more out of speed pots than any other character so be a bro and leave the concs n str for the classes that need em in order to min:max their rampages. If you have someone like a BH or Pyro, you’ll prolly just wanna mule a conc/power pot for them though if you happen upon a second one.

Get used to doing charged shot followed by light shot. This is the best way to max spike damage eg. against a Leech.

Note: I will likely test a bit with crit+ and cd+ on trinket just to see how potent it is but I still encourage people to use curse resistance in general, due to the janky game behaviours that result in unavoidable damage at times.

Special Cases:

Shielded Stormvermin - If dealing with 1-2 w SnD, spam LMB. It will break the guard faster and kill them faster than charged attacks in general. If grouped at range, try to time your RMB lb attacks to coincide with them opening their shields up.


First i wish to say, i do think its fairly well written and i agree on mostly everything said as well.

But that said, i am still mildly curious, how come you dont mention hagbane at all? O_o

Almost everyone these days and their dogs are running weapons that easily kill stormvermin so you usually dont really need to focus them or specials, longbow is slow and awkward so it kinda struggles with hordes when you dont have enough distance and its main damage, the headshot, is often unreliable if not impossible against 2 outa 4 bosses

Hagbane is peerless on hordes, you can even facetank them by just shooting whoever is right infront of you as long as it isnt a chaos warrior as it staggers everything affected by the poison cloud.’

But it still retains the mobility of the shortbow meaning the kiting is excellent…or actually superior since it staggers enemies, even chaos warriors if a direct hit crits.

Its also the best weapon against bosses, augmented by a strength potion and you can burn down 50% of one´s health very, very quickly and reach anywhere between 1,5 to 2k damage done on one in just a few seconds.

However i must admit…its hella frustrating that its weapon traits still to this date are so bugged, i really like the crit for added power for its insane on bosses but proccing it…

Dot vs spike dmg. Good for bosses, but longbow isn’t bad at bosses and bosses are not generally the biggest threat in that it’s the other stuff the director throws at you during that causes problems. It’s definitely a valid choice if the goal is to focus kill bosses faster on her but you do sacrifice overall effective DPS and its less fire and forget (for the whole team) for everything else. Hagbane is a solid choice for solo, however, where every arrow is guaranteed to deal full damage.

On everything but bosses, hagbane ticks are mostly wasted. They just kill too slow, so even though on paper it’s higher damage per arrow, it doesn’t matter because that damage takes too long to be reached. Either you or other people are going to overkill anything that’s not dead. This also affects other people’s penetration and cleave and your own penetration and cleave. Whatever you’re targeting will usually receive damage well in excess of the lethal dose if it doesn’t die immediately and it’s impossible for teammates to know which mobs to leave alone even though they’re going to die from poison eventually.

Most of the time, something else will kill dotted horde mobs before the dot makes any difference and any special that’s not mid death animation will receive lethal attention, green cloud or not. Essentially, with the exception of bosses and situations where you’re operating entirely in a vacuum and you and you alone are affecting the enemies you’re targeting, hagbane’s numbers don’t directly correlate to practical DPS. Not to mention, just cuz something is poisoned doesn’t mean it can’t swing at you. Lmb spam on longbow decimates hordes instantly, which means instantaneous temp health. Yes, the hagbane can aoe when they’re spread out up close but if they’re unclumped it would have been faster to slice n dice em and if they are clumped, back-dodge + lmb x3 will kill them all faster than either charge hb shot or slice n dice will.

As you mentioned hb also has trait issues and ammo sustainability issues. Also, the green cloud is much more opaque than it is in VT1 and it actually smokescreens everything behind it, turning an otherwise perfect arc of fire into a frustrating experience for other ranged teammates. I’ve noticed this every time I’ve played with a hb kerilian on the team and I’ve also noticed that I’m pretty much always killing anything that’s dotted before the dot does anything meaningful, because spike damage just rules the roost here and things behind the dot still need killing. Lastly, teammates will occasionally confuse it for globadier gas, and vice versa.

It is definitely good in all the ways you’re saying it’s good but there’s a gap, in team play, between it’s theoretical potential and practical performance. Great in solo or in an extremely well planned out team comp with very specific roles but a bit rough aground the edges in general.

Caveat: if someone is just not good at aiming, they’ll probably do better with hagbane, at least until they get better at aiming. Also, maybe a better option for people using controller instead of kbm.

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I gotta agree with @Avar on HB.
The other night we were farming gate on Legend and our WS switched to HB to try to make end boss fight faster.
We killed end boss(es) much faster when our WS was using long bow.
Thats just my personal experience though.
Our team comp was: WS, IB, Hunts, and Pyro/sometimes BH.
I love hunts vs. boss. Dont pick up grim…hang onto conc pot for last boss.
I use the conc for rattler, not raks. Feel like with pyro staggering raks with beam its better to take out rattler quickly with active.
Unload charged on raks while he is staggered. Usually could pop one active on raks before fight was over too.
@Avar I found crit chance/crit power to be better on WS vs power vs. I have not experimented with the differences to great extent but I do feel like my killing potential/damage potential is a bit higher on full crit build with her.

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oh i wanted to add a tip to this waystalker guide.

you are able to ‘wallhack’ with your trueflight ability: hold on to F, and while keri has her 3 arrows drawn, just point it in the direction of some special who is hidden from line of sight, and it will highlight any enemy it locks on to. it has a large detection hitbox, which is great for scanning and locating targets.

you can find that pesky blightstormer hidden behind a cliff, silencing his crappy rhyming. or shoot that lurking gasrat or packmaster behind buildings.

i especially love tracking their movements with the red highlight, then just ambushing them with regular attacks.


Good point, thanks. Totally forgot to mention ult aiming in general.

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maybe you can share some tips on how to aim the ult, because i believe there’s a minimum distance you should use it before you have to consider aiming it at the sky (for eg. if 3 stormvermin are right in your face and you fire it, you’re gonna kill only one, as opposed to firing it up and having it circle back in the air and killing all 3, something like that) i’m not an expert, still experimenting with how to use it optimally in all use cases. there are times i ‘waste’ it by firing it on the ground too in a panic - especially when trying to deal with multiple shieldvermin

I go for the point blank in those situations, or laterally if there are softer targets to be had. Depends on what’s needed. At least then I’m sure I’ll kill something and I’ll generally wanna weapon swap asap. Mid-range accy is the worst though. Will always whiff on anything if you aim straight at it so in those situations I’ll aim up a bit.

I like your posts Avar and i also like these two guides you wrote!


Not even WS has enough ammo sustain to make hagbane a “main” weapon. It’s somewhat wasteful.

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it’s not meant to be a main weapon like the longbow or swiftbow spam. it’s a situational weapon bow that’s meant to synergize with certain playstyles. if you use it like a longbow/swiftbow, yea, you gonna run dry fast!

I feel like I might like it best on HM. Lb pen combined with WS ammo truck and scrounger + her maxed out crit rate is just too versatile to pass up on a sniper class. HM on the other hand can really get the most out of gassing choice clumps, even making her own clumps to min:max the damage.

Hb definitely wasted on WS though.

i wouldn’t say wasted, it’s a class that can use it much more without the ammo issues of HM. str pot + hagbane still remains incredibly strong for boss killing, and HB control for multimobs is definitely not to be scoffed at. if you’re running a melee based build for WS with hagbane for support, that’s not too shabby either.

i wouldn’t use it on HM because clustered enemies are her specialty, imo the longbow is the best usage for her because she can help snipe specials too, making her an all rounded character until her ammo runs dry.

but yes, i agree with the longbow on a WS, sniping’s definitely too fun to pass up on in legend at least. i love chaining multiple headshots on stormvermin, the satisfying ‘plink’ you get is like winning at a funfair game.

I agree lb on HM would help her be more versatile. For the hb on her I was thinking more for the scrapper/kitey/clutch approach most people seem to take with her.

i feel that those roles can be done with her melee weapon already, so bringing a hagbane isn’t really rounding the HM out. still doable though, since HB is still a decent special killer (very consistent damage, just need to count your shots on them then turn to do other stuff and they die a few seconds later… just that ammo is a problem with HM)

Yeh I’m just trying to find hb a good home lol. I wish it was as it is in V1, personally. I still wouldn’t use it but I feel it’d be a perfectly balanced option on WS then.

yea, i can’t move out of glaive + longbow atm (swiftbow is too weak for legend, but good on champ) i tried really hard to specialise in the hagbane, but the ammo is such a concern since you can’t headshot oneshot things.

with the 1.0.8 patch fixes to conservative shooter + scrounger for the hagbane, maybe it’s viable again! i shall test this out happily.

Thus better for classes that are using ranged weapon only in special situations such as HM or Shade.
That’s what I meant.

I still find it very odd to forgo the endless barrage of arrows or headshot bonuses in favor of hb.

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you ever decimated an entire hyperdense pack of horde (especially the ones that clump up because they’re hacking down a barrier) with 3 shots of the hagbane and just watch your entire temp hp bar fill up in 1 second? it’s awesome in its own ways =D

Equip swiftbow. Hold autofire. Enjoy.

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