Grudge raker legend breakpoints

Picked up RV

Looking for some help w grudge raker charm and weapon properties.

Assuming scrounger is a no brainer for rmb sustain so weap will be 5% crit/ x.

Can I reach any breakpoints w the shotgun worth trying for (one shot CW w str pot with x amount of vs chaos for example?)

5% crit is best. After that you can go for a rainbow build of chaos/inf/armoured to hit some easy breakpoints which reduces a lot of enemy breakpoints by 1 pellet. Only other thing really worth noting is that if you max skaven/armoured and skaven/armoured you can kill SV with only 7 pellets instead of 10, which isn’t worth it.

Cool thanks. I’ll stick w my crit/skaven and chaos/infantry weap / charm then.

May play around w the skaven armored as I have that charm for my huntsman anyway.

Also, for RV players I’ve been running half duration all pot charm trait and pots from specials talent on RV so I always have a str pot available for CW w grudge. Find it super strong. Done about 10 leg so far - able to kill two CW in 5s pot window. Always more elite and special kills than rest of team combined.

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