Greathammer Currently Missing Major Aspect

Currently the greathammer for Kruber is missing a major aspect. While this is an important issue, it has not been resolved for the entire release of Vermintide 2. It is important to note the ease of which issue can be fixed and the severe implications of ignoring this particular problem.

The great hammer has found its niche role in the game as players have adopted to the stagger mechanics and talents but without this missing element being introduced, the weapon cannot reach its ideal potential or capabilities.

Without fixing this issue, any player, whether a veteran of the game or a new player, will be continuously faced with this glaring issue. While other players have not spoken out on this issue due to reasons such as diffusion of responsibility, intimidation on giving critical feedback, or lack of motivation, deep down players are silently wishing for this to be fixed.

I understand that there are sometimes more pressing concerns such as crashes, exploits, and content production but this issue should be fixed upon completion of these slightly more important problems.

With all the being said, please add the wooden mallet skin to Lohner’s Emporium for about 50 000 shillings. Thanks bye.


Just in case you didn’t know, you can at least admire the wooden mallet in all of its knightly glory within the keep. It’s on display in a corner of the armory.


This is all you had to say.

Title is very misleading.

That’s right, it should have said feature instead of aspect.

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