Great praise to Fatshark for her good work

Die Neuerungen von Winds of Magic sind super und machen viel Spaß. Es gibt genug Menschen, die hier nicht im forum schreiben und das Spiel so mögen wie es ist, mit einige bin ich im Spiel unterwegs. Ihr könnt stolz auf eure Arbeit sein. Denkt bitte daran, es ist euer Spiel, ihr seid die Programmierer und viele vertrauen auf euch.
Auch wenn manche Spieler denken ihr seid dafür da das Spiel so zu gestalten wie sie es gerne hätten. Spiele zu programmieren ist Kunst. Wir als Spieler genießen euer Werk, oder eben nicht, wenn es uns nicht gefällt. Aber niemand sollte sein Kunstwerk ändern, nur weil es Menschen gibt denen es nicht gefällt. Wer das Spiel nicht mag spielt es nicht und wer es mag spielt es.
Mir gefällt euer Kunstwerk mit Winds of Magic besser als zuvor und werde es daher weiter spielen.

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The innovations of Winds of Magic are great and fun. There are enough people who do not write here in the forum and like the game as it is, with some I am in the game. You can be proud of your work. Please remember, it is your game, you are the programmers and many trust in you.
Although some players think you are in favor of making the game the way they would like it to be. Programming games is art. As a player, we enjoy your work, or not when we do not like it. But no one should change his artwork just because there are people who do not like it. Who does not like the game does not play it and who likes it plays it.
I like your artwork with Winds of Magic better than before and will keep playing it.


Judging by this Polls, they doing 50/50 at best:

60% of players hate the new stagger. 78% of players hate the new tHP. There is a poll.

And normally on forum there are the “hardcore players”… that means a lot of players with many hours and a premade. If we added the entire community probably we would have more dislike.

Personally I can handle Legend, but the majority nope. Without premade farming Legend is very hard (and Legend is meant to be hard for some players, but still should let farm the expert players… in orden to go on Cataclysm)

Also strong teams with strong players (portrait of 500 deeds done and anyway you see them playing good) often want take one only grim.


The Poll say nothing. 200- 300 voters? They are not representative of thousands of players. If you think so, this post is representative of all players who like the game and have nothing to criticize. Yes they really exist and they are playing the game right now.


And why so? Forum consist of most active players. Of course, fatshark have larger results of surveys, but they will not show it to us of course, gess why?

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Oh dear, I seriously believed initially the OP to be sarcasm - and I am native German :rofl:.

I really like both games seriously, and I have all dlc’s.
I’m aware of the bugs and things that need fix, but I still enjoy the games 10000%

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As already said:

“And normally on forum there are the “hardcore players”… that means a lot of players with many hours and a premade. If we added the entire community probably we would have more dislike.”

Normally in forums are a few Biletrolls who destroy the game for many other players. There are many games out there that have been killed by the so-called “community”. I hope so much Fatshark dont nerv the game down. I have read so many bad suggestions for changes here in the forum, if all are implemented, that would really be a horror for me and many with whom I play. In most cases, the community is the curse of the developer.

Honestly I have seen many motivated threads… while that few players that love this new Vermintide often says just “git gud”.

Anyway we can’t know the entire community opinions… I can’t say “they dislike”, you can’t say “they like”. We can just speak about beta section (now gone) and current poll.


Covert Fatshark dev in damage control mode. Pathetic.
Current DLC is sitting at 50/50, and a 50% on a test is a FAIL.

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