Grail Knight trivializes all monsters and lords

Main reason lords can feel squishy is they all have different levels of damage reduction (and damage caps)

Skarrik has approx 20%
Bodvarr has aprrox 45%
Nurgloth has approx 80%

Even monsters like Rat Ogres and Chaos Spawns have more damage reduction than Skarrik


I would certainly NOT nerf a monster killer in their role of monster killing, I would nerf shade in a lot of others areas but she should “stay” great in her area of expertise.
I would though, change the capping of damage on all boss rather than a specific one. And would allow trash weapons to be less trashy (but in general :p).

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It is Double Shotted. You can tell because the crosshair stays small after firing (for the normal ult it widens significantly). That’s it’s non crit damage.

I’d like to see the knockback/stagger removed from Locked and Loaded so that you can’t stunlock monsters anymore, just like with Waystalker’s Piercing Shot. Then, it’ll take at least some aim to hit consecutive headshots on a moving target. And after this change, I wouldn’t touch BH’s ult ever again because it’s fairly balanced.

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Why though? Just because it’s someones speciality, doesn’t automatically disqualify it from a nerf, that’s nonsense. By your logic, we should have kept the prenerf BW, which could blow up every horde/patrol with impunity, because it was her speciality.

I say this as a person who spams BH in more than 90% of my games, incase someone thinks I am biased.


Fair, though I do still think non-crit non-headshot damage is not super relevant to the discussion of if BH is a boss melter.

I’d just rather the cooldown reduction was less insane honestly, and the shotgun talent was buffed a heap. Let it stay as is, except only give a 50% reduction overall so you’re more reliant on a pot to nuke bosses, and don’t get a billion off with a single conc.


Pretty much this.
Nerf the CD reduction to 40% on headshot.
Buff the shotgun component of BH’s special, since it’s trash. Probably leave the shotgun talent as is, if the shotgun component actually did something useful.


There’s a main difference. There’s 1 or 2 boss for each map. There are waaaay more elites per run. If you nerf her for a speciality which is already of “niche” use. Therefore you render her kinda not fit for the game at all (if she was nerfed on elite kills or crowd control).
Careers gives differents options, and differents strengths and weaknesses. The main point of asymetry is too give each career its uniqueness.
If you tend to nerf everything to a “medium”, you also remove the uniqueness of the career.
Therefore you have to balance it by giving her more disadvantages for what she’s not made for. And let her advantage on what she’s made for.

Okey let me address this now… I am dead tired of seeing the same strawman being tossed out.

Radina.Shevu did it further up as well when replying to me, with this quote:

Mindlessly buffing Lords just makes them a slog.

When I say something needs a nerf, I don’t say it needs to be removed from the game, which you apparently interpret it as. Much like how when I say certain bosses needs to be buffed, they shouldn’t get 100 times the health, so they take 5 hours to kill. It is actually possible to incrementally increase/decrease things, quite shocking, I know.

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I didn’t interpret “as is”. I exactly said I would like her nerfed in other areas especially since I don’t find her damage on bosses “ultra overpowered”. Not “I don’t want to see a single nerf”.
I also precised :

So the especially squishy bosses (the armored ones) could see an increase in their damage resistance. Which would indirectly nerf her.

In other words, you disagree with the notion that bosses are pushovers, and you want to continue having them this way. Buffing the weakest bosses makes no difference, if the strongest ones already gets gibbed almost instantly. Skarrik/Bodvarr dying in 5 seconds instead of 3, really makes no difference.

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Exactly. Just making those bosses die fractionally slower to boss melters also doesn’t solve the insane gap between low and high tier boss DPS classes.

If they aren’t useful for anything but boss killing, they should be reworked, because they’re already useless if a boss just doesn’t show up.


Except that currently Shade is not useless, at all, in any situation, by a huge margin. So you know, nerfing that margin on par with others characters could make her more in line.

I’m not sure what “pushovers” means for you, so if you detail that notion, I could agree or disagree with you.

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Shade is very strong and making her not delete monsters wouldn’t remove her niche anyway, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Only one of her strengths effectively removes an entire enemy type from the game.

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It would remove her niche, it would not remove her general strength, but her niche is too remove bosses. It would not remove the real issue with her. Is that she’s ALSO too generalist (because access to a lot of good weapons with the elf, good talents like ammo regen oO, etc).

It’s a pretty big difference from the damage reduction that armored lords have and the kind that the unarmored ones have…
I think the gap in Lord/Boss damage is too extreme right now, but the armored lords are way too squishy regardless.

Skarrik with lord damage reduction is really tanky though: Tanky Skarrik


Yeah, there’s a fine line between too squishy and too tanky. And I think there’s still some balance to do on thoses armor.

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Nerfing /=/ removing

Here we go again.

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I got your point, no worries. But it does not need to be nerfed right there.

Yeah Skarrik seems a bit much there, though basically every boss either just melts, or is actively tedious and awful right now. Lowering the boss melting abilities of certain careers and also the boss HP or damage resist would be what I’d want, other choices just make the game awful for non bosskillers or don’t do anything and just cause stuff to die in 10s in stead of 5s.

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