Grail Knight Quest in Weaves

Heyo Fatshark Team,

As mentioned in various other posts, grail knight has 2 quests that require a tome or a grim to be optained in order to be active. However in Weaves are no tomes and grims.

This Mod is fixing these issues by adjusting the challenge_settings and adding all quest variations to the same table (of all gamemodes).
The functions to check for the condition if tomes and grims exist in weaves return true either way so grail knight has different objectives to activate heal regen and damage reduction in weaves (collecting essence and killing infantry units).

The mod also fixes this problem in chaos wastes:

by removing the always_reset_quest_pool, which resulty in quests also beeing tracked for the entire run of the pilgrimage, which is logically a lot better as you can’t utlize these quests very well when they get constantly reset.

It also fixes this issue:

by removing the grim quest from a quiet drink and fow, and replacing the tome quest with one that needs the player to kill a certain amount of infantry units.

The Code can be found here:

Please implement this bugfix or something like it into the game so grail knight quests can be of some use outside of the campaign mode.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day


I thought the game already checked this. I’ve never saw tomes/grims quests in weaves/fow/aqd. Have I just been lucky?

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