Weaves Grail Knight Quest

In Weaves the Grail Knight Quest is still optained through picking up a tome or a grim which is not possible as there are no books in weaves.

Alternatively the quests should be optainable after gaining a certain percentage of Essence or more specific for every weave until one or a few of the mission objectives have been completed.

This way the gk quests are soft locked and not usable at all.


I thought those 2 quests couldn’t appear in weaves and in fortunes of war. Is this a bug?

Just adding a screenshot that I missed to actually show the bug as well


I think this is a bug after the update,
These two Quest about “ tome or a grim” do not appear in past weave levels。
but fatshark never repaired this BUG

Since this seems to be a bug, I’ve flagged for a mod to move this post from the “Feedback” category to the “Bugs” category, so this bug can be acknowledged.


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