Grail Knight Quality Of Life Suggestion

You know how it lists the buffs on the right side of the screen?
Instead of fading away when completed, can it just gain a check mark? That way I know what buffs it gave me at a glance?

I have short term memory problems, so this would make it easier to remember what I and my crew have as completed Grail Knight buffs for the map, without needing to open the menu or anything.

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The best thing about completing them is that they go away and I don’t have to look at them anymore.
As have been suggested before, I’d love to see completed duties on the TABscreen.

I could have sworn they show in the lower left when you have them, but it’s hard for me to tell what they are based on the icon alone

At the very least, a toggle-able option?

Yeah, I can’t remember which icon is which, either. Which is why I made this suggestion.

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I think they should just make the icon a bit clearer. Health regen and cooldown are pretty straightforward, but the defense buff is… a helmet ? while power buff is a shield. Attack speed is okay but can be mistaken for power buff.
I think a clarity pass on the buff icon would be enough. you can find them here btw

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