Can't see passive cooldown

Whenever i play as bounty hunter with a Grail Knight and all Quests have been completed I can’t see the cooldown of blessed shots on the bottom left anymore because the GK passives take up the slots. Maybe show the passives on two rows on top of each other?

Use ui mod. Adjust as you wish

You shouldn’t have to rely on mods in order to have a working ui.
The blessed shots info is essential for the gameplay and should be done right by the devs, not modders.

This has been brought up a few times before. Grail Knights clogging the buff bar is indeed annoying.

Imo, his buffs should be lowered on the priority list to not block more important buffs.
The completed Duties could also be displayed when holding Tab (like books and dice), for anyone who joins mid game and wants to know which buffs are active.

I agree, same with Ravaged Art. If the buffs are visible in the player list, they should just condense all buff icons in to one stacking buff.