GPU hang crashes are back since this afternoon's patch

Crashed alot in beta, predominately GPU hangs, which seemed to be fixed at launch. After todays patch I am now back to crashing every couple of minutes, from in mission to walking around the hub, all GPU hangs.
Latest patch brought back my fps and I’m sitting between 80-110, before patch I was sitting at 50-60 which would dip to 30-40 in hordes.
I could potentially reduce worker threads or cap frames at 30 to stem the crashes, but at that point, the game becomes a chore to play.


Ryzen 9 3900x
RTX 2080 super
32gb RAM

console-2022-12-02-17.54.17-98298d7f-89fc-4ea6-a002-809a8625b8b8.log (140.6 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (469.0 KB)

Same here. For me it started about an hour ago.

Started a while ago, i could play yesterday evening without problems, now its all ******* up again…

Good Job