Good job on bug fixing priorities!

They ve shadow fixed FoW xp exploit that was very useful to get your hereos to lvl 35 meanwhile 2/3 of the bugs i ve reported are still not fixed because they are not on “priority list”. Love your double standar FS, as always :+1:

If you wonder what it was, the exploit consisted of killing bots and then yourself without starting the event, it used to reward 800xp.


Boohoo, poor little you can’t exploit anymore.

Maybe other people used it to level up from 1 to 35 in the first place.
And maybe that was an easy fix to fix that doesn’t have an impact to game mechanic.

Why am I even answering to this.


Yeah because speedrunnning recruite games is funnnier in order to lvl up you hereo so you can use it when the team comp requires it. What a shame that my +xxx levels are not counted, i wonder why it was done that way :- (


Not an issue there, since the “ult” talents are now at 30, the mere 50 power you miss don’t prevent you to complete maps or to enjoy a fully builded character.


You could actually just start FoW and afk. Mobs would kill you and bots, 2 min runs, 800 exp. It was for sure pretty cheesy and I’m glad it’s removed.


Well i m almost missing 10% power witch means that i get less power on UC passive and any properties that are based on power, when you add up all of them it migh do a small difference.

They should ask themself why are people doing that, migh be wiser…


Missing 10% power does not prevent you to finish a map. “Back in the old days”, I started legend at level 20 and 250 item power, I was missing way more, and I could enjoy it. Just don’t think about it and it will come fast.
Another way if you REALLY don’t want to miss those “needed” power is to play weaves, it will give xp to your “real” character as well.


This disdussion isn’t about OP needing that exploit or not. It’s about FS swatting bugs really quick whenever it’s in favor of the player, but not when it disadvantages the player.

FS has a track record on this, for example the start of intro skip glitch.

But you are probably going to come up with some weird justification for that as well, being the white knight FS desperately needs.


Well I’ll just say that’s plenty wrong. Deeds swap was (and maybe still is, did’nt check) an exploit that could be used by players for years. As well as Dwarf/Sienna Out of maps that stayed until Winds of Magic actually remade thoses ults.
So I guess, if you ignore real facts, yeah, Fatshark probably have a track records of doing this in order to angry you and OP on purpose because it’s some kind of a secret conspiracy against you to prevent you from enjoying the game.

Cordially, The White Knight that FS desperately needs


Glad fatshark can’t do something as basic as taking your prestiged levels into account for this pointless level cap increase.


Yea, deed QP has been around since launch. Although I’ve never heard of people abusing it to farm chests. Most people use it to take recruit - champ deeds into Legend because they’ve run out. But yea, I suppose you could take the hardest legend deeds in recruit and get those two Emp Vaults.


That’s exactly what our party did, taking champion deeds when we were out of legends and Quick Play into them (so we get the QP bonus, and we can do DLC maps instead of “basic maps” only). And indeed, it helped us tremendously when it came to getting this 500 deeds frame. Because seeing always the same “base game” maps and getting less rewards than QP legend (when doing champions deeds for example) was a bit depressing.
(But indeed it’s can be abusable by spamming all your legend deeds in recruit speedrun)


No, it’s just that they think grind is all what keeps players going, so a way to skip the grind is a grave offense. See also: boss walls and messing with slayer leap.

FS still doesn’t understand that most players just want to slay rats and chaos abominations and the grind most of the time does not facilitate, but gets in the way of that.


That aside, his point, even if sarcastic, is not wrong. Did it really matter that much to spend resources on that with so many more annoying bugs in the wild?


Exactly and with the new grind they just lost a player.
These 5 lvl grind as well as locking cata in this dlc (adding it to all dlcs would be fine) are sure to keep me away for a long time.

I dont even know if a priority list is even possible at this stage … i mean look in the bug report forums. There are like 100 different bugs for game crashes , talents , graphics , combat , audio , enemy spawns … everything. This is perhaps the most bugged game i have ever played in my life.


I guess my white knight fanboy-goggles are making it difficult to understand this. Could you please explain how having to level up five times gets in the way of slaying rats and chaos abominations?

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New difficulty is scaled to hero power of 650 instead of 600. Hero power is an artificial barrier locking you out of higher difficulties and making lower difficulties even easier.

50 hero power is not much, but can be the difference between cleaving or staggering an additional enemy, which would otherwise hit you. So if you want to play higher difficulties, you need to get those additional 5 levels in.

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But it’s not locking you out. I finished Dark Omens in Cata as a 31 Bardin :’(
I mean I understand your point, but you don’t NEED thoses levels to do whatever you want to do. The only issue was not having the improved ult as you had before. Now that it’s back to 30 it’s just drama for the sake of drama.

I finished dark omen with a full premade, all players lvl 30 (no career ability talent), the day the DLC released in beta, it does not change the fact that because of the leveling i m artificialy doing less damage/cleave/stagger. Stop missing the point.

Tell me, why do poeple want red weapons when they could just roll orange ones? Is the difference that big between 7%power boost on a orange instead of 10% power boost from a red ? I bet you dont have a single build with no red weapon so face up the facts.

The issue is minor because it would take more or less 90-120 minutes to farm those levels but i have the right to complain about such decision made by whoever is in charge. My post is more or less a rent because i love this game but these stupid decisions are raising concerns about its futur…Also i dont feel target by FS with the prupose to kill my fun, imo this change was made to boost the player numbers for the DLC release because it means that every single player, be it an old one or a new one, as more grind on the road. And i think i m right because career abilities talent were on lvl 35 so you were totaly forced to level up in order to enjoy any career to its potential.