Global Condition Stuck on Pox Hounds

Issue Description: The Global Condition modifiers do not update and remain on the increased pox hounds. This was originally reported in November and Fatshark Moderators confirmed that this is not a bug and will rotate to different modifiers once the game has fully released. Since the game is fully released, claiming this is not a bug is false and would need explanation about when the modifiers will actually rotate.
Link here : Global condition didn't update/change with timer expiring

Steps to Reproduce: Login right before the global conditions are set to reset. They will not change.

Platform: Steam

Steam ID: 100329472

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
01/08/2023 around 4:22pm CT

Reproduction Rate: 100% rate at global modifier refresh

Upload Supporting Evidence:

The reply to the first thread suggests it’s simply the fact that it’s fully random so it can roll the same thing multiple times in a row. Might be more of a gameplay feedback issue than a bug issue, as while intended it’s arguably bad design to have only 3 different modifiers but not make it so they atleast cycle through.

Sounds like bs to me. We’ve gotten pox hounds multiple times in a row. Its astounding how unfinished this game really is.

Fits into the design of the rest of the game perfectly so I don’t see why this particular instance of nonsensical RNG limiting what content can be done would be a bug, that’s all I’m saying.