GK Quest for monster killing triggering after the second monster

First time that happened and I don’t know how to reproduce it.
We were playing Athel Yenlui and got a Stormfiend after the first drop in the chasm before it splits into to ways. We killed it (unfortunately I can’t remember how) but the quest did not complete:

In the Clan Fester Camp a Rat Ogre spawned for us, we killed it and the quest completed:

I’ve attached the console log. Looking through it I noticed the timestamps of the screenshots and the log entries differ by one hour. So although the first screenshot was taken at 17:40:14 the corresponding part in the log happens around 16:40.
console-2021-01-12-15.34.32-20dd0141-392d-4279-b547-fade9c2fb81d.log (3.1 MB)

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Was it from ledging the boss?

Don’t think you can ledge the boss there.
It spawned in the creek at the beginning on Athel Yenlui, no idea where one could ledge a boss in this spot.

I’ve killed a rat ogre on empire in the wine cellars and didn’t get the quest completed.

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