Give us control on bots in CW

Give us control on bots in CW!

At least, they should increase weapon rarity when we do and get the same passives as we do.

At the end of the run they are like naked kitties, not able to stay even 2 seconds against 6 chaos warriors!


Pretty sure their power-level increases with host: Bots in Chaos Wastes - #19 by FatsharkLev

So, if you upgrade to red weapons they will have more power and do more damage. Don’t have traits or properties but the power is there.

Also halfway sure, they get the benefit of the map completion bonuses.


I reckon the bots should share the traits that the host buys.
So if the host upgrades their weapon to red, the bots weapon should be upgraded as well.
Same if they buy a talent.

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I think there are a lot of mods currently on the workshop that I think the devs should take a look at in terms of nice QOL additions to the CW. With the changes dating back to the gruge marks, completing the CW on the higher difficulties, legend+, has been made much more difficult.

As someone who plays solo+bots legend runs in the main game and have a fairly high success rate it always surpirses me how much harder the CWs are at the higher difficulties than the main game. I can complete champ CW runs fairly easily but legend feels like a significant step, fairly accepting that I’ll never complete citadel on cata in its current state.

I’ll second this suggestion.

And perhaps let hosts pick a few bot-specific traits to make them more helpful for plsyers