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General feedback for Xbox

Major - Is toughness meant to effectively be like a shield? If so, why is it easy to take a random hit to health from behind, yet toughness is at 100%? It’s making the two challenges for completing a mission without taking damage very difficult, which is fine, but I don’t understand the mechanic of taking damage despite toughness being greater than zero. Is it a bug?

Minor - commodores Vestures. The current selected nav bar is quite hard to see, unlike the eagle wings icon used on the Inventory top nav bar - please make Vestures more obvious.

Major - mission end summary. There’s a frustratingly long delay on summary screen after (seemingly) failed mission - is there a timeout occurring?

Minor - mission end. How do I get to see the mission stats on Xbox? Is that a PC mod I’ve seen? Please add if missing.

Minor - Buying Aquilas screen. Sometimes shows ?? under each icon instead of value.

Major - After mission summary screen, the time delay in returning to the hub remains buggy, it can take 2 full minutes before you arrive, yet initial entry to hub on game load seems to be consistently quicker, but still slow at upto a minute. Assets can’t be taking long from SSD, so how come the networking bottleneck is so extreme? I have 1 GB wired fibre so it’s not a local issue. Please optimise this.

Minor - On the Talents page, sometimes when you toggle a talent on and off, the adjoining line does not highlight/unhighlight until you leave the page and return, which fixes the action.

Minor - also in talents, frequently when you move the cursor to a node, the text displayed is from an adjoining node.

Minor - On the inventory screen, when we change the Sort, can you please keep the selected row index the same after the sort to avoid the undesirable scroll issue where, after pressing up or down after the resort, the scroll bar shoots to the bottom. As an example, I enter the page and want to review downwards from A, so I resort and would like to remain at index 0, then scroll downwards smoothly. Also, please save the chosen sort as part of the player profile info.

Major - Xbox controls

Is it possible to make the deadzone slider truly zero? Currently there’s still a large deadzone and it would be great to improve this to avoid the deadzone entirely when targeting.

Major - Xbox aim assist

This seems to be completely broken for me and I saw someone else on Reddit saying the same thing. Even with it cranked to max, on Full, the effect is almost nothing. The only way it does anything at all is if I position the cursor basically on the outline of the target, tap secondary and I see the cursor nudge left a little. If I am anywhere beyond the target, nothing happens - is this how you intend it, if so it’s nothing like any other aim assist I’ve seen. It’s so subtle and non-grabby, that it essentially does nothing. The annoying aspect is I don’t even want to need aim assist, but the controls are really unnecessarily difficult to get accurate shots out because of the deadzone issue. On PS games I never have this issue. The hardest part of this game is the controls rather than the gameplay which is not right.

Minor- Can you please add 20+ new loading screen images - the single image of the planet with the nearby ship is really grating. You have so much fantastic art that would really be interesting to look at during the long load back to the hub.

Minor - when you delete a row in inventory, instead of the row beneath you moving up, the row above moves down which is counter-intuitive. If you immediately deleted again, you’d delete the previous item.

Major - On the ‘Back Button Dodger’ (and others?) layout, the B key is described as Slide, but it’s actually on RS. Not sure if this is me being dumb, but I can’t trigger it on B.

Minor - UI issues with penances when they are the last item in the list at the bottom. Scroll down to On Target and click. It should expand but doesn’t, you have to click Up then Down to read it.

Minor - In the Hub, if you stand right next to the icons for the mission desks or shops, the X key icon doesn’t appear until you are facing exactly at it, and seemingly with latest patch, doesn’t even appear in that case a lot of the time unless you wiggle around it back away a meter. Please make it appear if standing reasonably close to it as it’s a bit clunky on Xbox.

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