Bugs and game problems

Hello I’m posting this to bring attention to a problem I’ve noticed with the games difficulty. The toughness mechanic as of full launch works in a way i dont think it is supposed to. right now when im playing on the third difficulty malice when i get hit by an enemy i take a lot of damage despite having a full toughness bar. I play veteran and I’ve noticed when getting hit i talk alittle under half an entire health segment so I’m left wondering why toughness exsits. i was under the impression it was supposed to block or extremely decrees the amount of damage i take. in some fight i go down without my toughness breaking at all. i would suggest making it so toughness greatly decreases damage until its fully broken

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I have been noticing the same thing. The patch notes stated the health damage intended to be related to how much toughness you had at the time of being hit. It doesn’t seem like that was implimented correctly or something. I have been taking roughly 30 damage from a single hit at times. Makes doing mission with grimoires feel impossible.