General Review after Weekend of Play

Played pretty hard over the weekend and got my Veteran Sharpshooter to level 30.

Here are some things I noticed:

Higher difficulties have little reward. It is faster doing Rank 2 missions to level to max and still get more money than you need. So there is no incentive for doing Rank 3 to 5 missions.

The higher rank missions tend to be avoided due to lower level players joining them in the hopes of being carried and causing the mission to fail when they cannot contribute to combat. A simple level requirement for Ranks will fix that.

Missions also provide set XP and Money with no variations other than finding Grimoires so people are speed running those Rank 2 missions to level up.

With loot being purchased, it makes for a mind numbing grind to get gear rather than the experience of those crates like in Vermintide which give that exciting moment of opening a chest to see you got.

Gear needs to provide more concrete information rather than just bars. Same with feats that are ambiguous with details.

Other gear needs to be implemented as well, rather than just being cosmetic. A big, missed opportunity there.

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I agree with your assessment of the mission difficulty woes. I like to push higher difficulties but frankly never with pick up groups. You’ve accurately assessed the ‘carry’ mentality that many newcomers (as in level <10) have when queuing up for higher difficulties. Getting carried in this game by 3 other folks is not a ‘thing’ at least from what I’ve seen… (A successful thing that is).

This may be a player base fix, or FS can implement a level lock… Hard to say.