General Impressions on the new DLC from a V1 player

Alright, as the title suggests these are my general impressions of the new dlc , from the prospective of a Kruber main (lvl 30+146) and a V1 player . (Also please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language, so i apologize in advance if it’s not an easy read) :smile:

- The maps:

After paying my dues and downloading all the 7 gbs of content, i was thrilled and ready for the dlc, but sadly i found myself to be quickly disappointed…but let’s start with the good stuff first. The maps for example never looked better, they look just like i remembered them from V1, but with more detail and with a lot more atmosphere, my first run was great as i started to recognize some of the streets and paths, allowing myself to be guided instantly by memory and nostalgia. I looked everywhere, from small and seemingly pointless corners, to dead ends and roofs, searching for tomes , grimoires and secrets levers, it was nice…

But then i played through them a second time and i already started to feel the nostalgia slowly being replaced by boredom, a heavy and all too familiar feeling, a boredom that i already experienced back in V1, when i played through these same maps for the 100th time. Although they look great from a visual prospective sadly i couldn’t bring myself to play through them another time without forcing myself , making my experience with the “new” maps mediocre and boring, which made me realize that this dlc (although a nice salute to V1) would probably be enjoyed a lot more from newcomers to the series then a player that’s already very familiar with it’s content.

-The weapon/s:

So far i’ve only been using the new weapon for Kruber, “the mace and sword” which i’ll refer to as " MS ", so all that follows is my opinion on it (i might update the post later on when i’ve played with all the others, but for now i’ll focus particularly on this one).

- The Mace and Sword:

Ahh… finally, new gear for Krubs, im gonna finally ditch my trusty halberd and replace it with a new and better weapon, or so i thought. Because as soon as i started playing with it i quickly realized that this new weapon required several patches before it could be consider “efficient” or “great”, but let’s start with the good stuff as always. The weapon looks fcking great imo, it’s a perfect match for a would be mercenary or huntsman (maybe a little less for the FK, but oh well) , the animations are fluid and responsive, the sounds especially for the mace are great, and the mobility it provides is very welcome ,but sadly this is where positives end. The MS finds it self to quickly take the place of the older (pre-patch) two-handed sword, as a fast-ish but very inefficient weapon. The Ms much like the older two-handed sword is pretty inefficient against armor, to point where whenever i find myself in front of a SV or especially a CW i quickly move back, behind the protection of my team-mates which usually results in two things, making me feel like a btch, and making me feel utterly useless…

The dps of the weapon also leaves something to be desired, since on legend, it takes two hits to kill a clan rat and 4 hits to kill a normal chaos soldier , which takes a considerable amount of time due to the relative slow speed of the weapon (unless your create an entirely separate build for it), this is mostly noticeable however on the FK class as it lacks both the same mobility and attack speed of other classes such as the merc.

So all in all the MS is great concept, it looks cool, it sounds cool, but it feels and plays (at least imo) like s*it. This is very sad since i have been eagerly waiting for something to replace the halberd since release, but sadly it looks like even after numerous patches and an entirely new weapon nothing is going to change this meta.

-TL;DR :

The dlc is sweet and nostalgic reminder of the previous game, that quickly falls however into repetitiveness and boredom. The weapon is a cool and fairly original concept, but from a gameplay prospective is quickly chucked in the category of “meh” weapons.

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