General Feedback and Ideas

  1. Still server disconnections.
    this point is getting better with updates, but still…
  2. no privat play
    I prefer bots over random-person, or at least let me select what character and/or which level-range
  3. no mission selection
    you cannot select the mission you want to do, in the difficult setting you want
    very bad if you get missions at lv 11 that say, “Hey make this mission with sidemission, threetimes.” and you get none to pick.
  4. to much player with low level for high missions
    Happens all the time, you go into Heresy-Difficulty and there is a random person waiting there with level 8 or so. Stealing your ammunition and cannot do anything productive.
  5. toughness is crap
    make it something like a shield/forcefield or get ride of it
  6. you cannot sprint away from enemys
    why is there sprinting? i do not get it? you get away from your team, have no stamina after it and you cannot out-run enemies. Make it faster or get ride of it.
  7. no model collision
    Typial example, you open a door, aiming at the enemy and a ogryn comes in you see nothing…
    also, enemies can walk through you, but you cannot get through them, by just moving.
  8. Quickplay brings no benefits
    in VT2 you get more XP for this, why not here? Also, it is not faster
  9. Perils of the warp are boring, just suicide, be more creative.
    take for example Warhammer 40k Inquisitor or the good old P&P RPG Rulebooks. There are so much more possibilities. Bleeding walls, jamming your own or your partys weapons, Stun you, summoning daemons, be creative.
  10. lots of weapons with no big difference. make less weapons with costumation options.
    My feeling is, i get thousands of autoguns and lasguns, but no big difference, let me choose if i want a scope, a red-dot, a silencer, a bayonett, a bigger ammo pack on it…
  11. Option for two melee weapons or two ranged weapons, dual wealding options
    I think this point explanse itself
  12. to less ammunition for 4 people who specialice on range weapons.
  13. to less weapons in the store or just things you do not need or want.
    for example the psyker, there are already four different staffs, but you also have a lot of other guns, but the shop only shows you 10 weapons… Then, you get the weapon you want and the blessing and stats are crapp…
  14. random/spawning enemies make no sound and coming from behind…
    i think there is a achievement where you make a malice-mission or higher and should get not damage. That would be easy if not some random enemy would spawn right at your back and hits you. The only sound you hear is the hit, and then it is to late.
    For a psyker on high difficulty, that is one of the possible ways to die.
  15. your own room in the overworld, with the option for presentation of achievements, trophies, special weapons and so on. Also decorate options.
  16. no special bonus for full extraction after mission
  17. can fall into a pit and stand in nothing, and also cannot die
  18. sometimes after a mission you have zero kills

Not all of this is important, but it would be nice.
Had to get ride of that :slight_smile:

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