Garden of Morr - Our elf got stuck


Issue Summary:
At the start of the Garden of Morr where you are close to entering the actual Garden there is this drop with a staircase. If you drop down this precisly hole you are stuck. With little chance to get out.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the map “Garden of Morr” (duh)
  2. Drop from the ledge into the “hole”
  3. Done

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constand (100%)

Additional Information:
I tried elf, and Saltzphyre out. We both attempts I managed to get stuck. But I got unstuck with Saltzphyre once. But couldn’t manage this again.

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
As you can hear from the sound of my authentic mouse-clicking and key-pressing I can’t do much. You are kind of “floating”.
The link to the video.

A Screenshot of the poor elf:


I don’t believe my pc information has any value on this matter.
But it is on a PC.

Kind regards!

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