Game terms and the Psykhanium

In the psykhanium, you should add nameplates below the enemies’ feet so that it’s easier to learn what the game calls the various enemies. Currently, the terminology about scabs and dregs, for instance, is very obtuse.

Scabs are traitor guardsmen (Armoured and armed with lasguns),
Dregs are the rebelling population (wear rags and are unarmoured, but seem to have more health then scabs instead - nurgle “blessings” probs). Also armed with autoguns.
Pretty easy to tell one from another, don’t even need to look at them - just voicelines are usually enough. Though I agree, it would be a welcome addition to the new players. Or an in-game enemy guide. Both will serve the same purpose.

Poxwalkers are the zombies with green skin and horns.
Groaners are the zombies that still look like relatively normal people.
Both are classed as Terrors.

I think Dregs are cultists.