Game still in beta and not launching

hello. my version doesn’t work and still shows it as beta. I can’t install any patches or fixes too. I think i spent 64 hours in the beta. I thought it was normal until today when fatshark release patch. what can you do about it. i reinstall game 2 times and check files integrity and doesn’t help. Any ideas?

my specs:

cpu: ryzen 5 5600x
gpu: rtx 3080 12gb
ram: 32gb dual 3600mhz

Could you see if this helps?:

The Pre-Order Beta banner continuing to be displayed is a Steam caching issue and should pass on its own.

Ok I found a solution. If someone has the same problem, he must uninstall the game, clear the steam cache, install and then mark the launcher exe and darktide exe as administrator with disable full-screen optimizations.

Regarding part of your answer, it’s not just a banner, but the game didn’t update at all, including fixes. I had a build like in beta.