Game shared in library, can progression be copied into a new game

Bought the game in the past for my son but through shared library on steam on my pc I was able to play it with now 1500+ hrs in it.
Since he grew older he now needs a laptop for school, installed Vermintide II on it and wants to play it which is totally understandable. It’s impossible to play with him since we own only one game.

My question is, if I’d buy the game myself, would it be possible to copy my progression made in ‘his’ game to the brand new one I’d buy?
After all it’s kept in a cloud on servers of Fatshark so technically it seems possible.

Hey @Yoda,

If you played on your own Steam profile using library sharing, then your progression should be intact if you purchase your own Vermintide 2 license for the same profile you played on through family sharing.

I assume right now you and your son already have different levels of progression, but just aren’t able to play at the same time?

Hi Lev, thanks for getting back to me.
You’re assumption is correct, my progression on my account through library sharing is totally different than my son’s.

Great to hear the progression is linked to my account instead of the account that bought it (I gifted it but in theory it’s his game). I can now buy it in with 100% certainty my progression wouldn’t be lost.

Many thanks, kind regards.


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