Game runs perfect one day then unplayable the next

Unplayable at days at a time but perfect some days until I restart game

I have a #nvidia gtx 1066, I7 4440k, 16 RAM.
The game has ran smooth for as long as i keep playing, then like today and yesterday each log on will result in the game running at unplayable fps and stuttering. I don’t get how it runs perfectly and then unplayable. Using monitor resources, everything is the same however it says my GPU is only running at 30% even though in the start up log it stated that the Nvidea gtx 1066 is the adapter.

Console Log on unplayable day-
console-2022-12-09-13.06.17-0eaa56cf-b623-4958-9dfc-69b871aa4653.log (90.7 KB)

Launcher log:
darktide_launcher.log (715.7 KB)

I dont understand how some days I could play it for hours and hours perfectly and then when I relog I can’t play properly with unplayable fps and stutters. I reinstall my drivers sometimes, I check for updates on windows and darktide and drivers, I validate the game files on gamepass.

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this has happened to me was perectlly playable for a week now unplayable, still waiting for a fix

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