Severe stuttering and freezing on Cloud Service

Issue Description:
I just purchased the game a couple days ago and use a cloud gaming service called Boosteroid to play it since my PC cannot handle the graphics.

Upon loading in with default settings in both the launcher and in game, there is an unplayable amount of stuttering and freezing. This is confusing because the FPS of the game, decoded stream FPS and latency are showing 60fps, 60fps, <25ms respectively.

Attempted Solutions:
I tried to lower just the thread count, run the service in an incognito chrome browser to play the game, tried minimum graphics and each fidelity option too.

I contacted the support staff for Boosteroid, sent evidence and session information and they concluded that the game is unstable. As it stands, I bought a game I can’t play since it feels like 10 fps unreliable. The cloud gaming service I use is not the issue because I have used to it to run games before with no problems.

I have also tried a reinstall, verification of game files and looking at many YouTube videos for better settings but no luck.

Should you require a video of how the stuttering and freezing is, I can provide it. I hope that this can be fixed as soon as possible. I have gone through every single setting and I am stumped.


[PC] PC Specifications:
N/A due to using a cloud service but can see about requesting and will update this.

[PC] Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
The game does not crash during its poor performance however if it does I will update this.

This is what those of us who have the game on our PCs also experience.

Those moments that feel like time dilation.

Thanks for your response, do you know if the devs are aware and working on it?

I guess they are aware since they’ve recieved many reports on the matter, unfortunately they seem a bit more dedicated to flashing out this class update than performance ATM.

Yeah the performance is horrible across the board.

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