Game needs more classes or viable builds

So I’m a huge fan of VT2, warts and all, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Darktide beta, but having only 4 classes (in the way they’re currently implemented) will make this game get dull quickly. I know in VT2 a lot of the classes took years to make actually viable, but as it is now, Darktide’s classes just feel like carbon copies of VT2 (and at least with VT2 we got 5 characters with 3 subclasses each), with very little choices in way of build or synergy. I’m all for streamlining the class system but if you can’t provide variety and meaningful choices in feats people are going to get bored of the game fast. As is, a lot of these perks don’t feel impactful enough to be interesting, and it feels like each character has one, maybe two, viable builds. Each choice of 3 feats has the same problem, where only 1 and occasionally 2 of the perks are even worth considering, even then they rarely feel like they have a major impact on gameplay. I know there are plans for more subclasses to be released but please, for the love of god, don’t make them paid dlc. This class system is not enough for a game that costs almost as much as AAA titles, and following it up with having to pay more to get an actually well-rounded roster is unreasonable. I know this is just a scream into the gaping maw of player feedback but there’s so much that’s great about this game, and so much care and hard work on display, dropping the ball on a massive component like this would be such a waste.