Game is constantly crashing

Hello! as the title says, the game is constantly crashing now. I played the both of the previous betas pretty much without any problems at all, crashed perhaps once or twice during the entire period. And then suddenly from the Saturday before the release of Darktide, the game just started to constantly crash out of nowhere.
The game usually crashes within few minutes of launching the game and it can crash pretty much anywhere, during the start up of the game, during loading of a character, just standing still in the lobby, running around in the lobby interacting with NPCs or during missions, if I even get that far.
This has been really frustrating now, Darktide was one of the games I was looking forward to the most to be playing, but now that has been impossible since the release, and I really require aid to try and get this solved so I can once again play the game. As far as I can see, there isn’t anything specific that causes it to crash, it just randomly crashes at any point within minutes of launching the game.

This is the report I think?
GUID: 748ccabf-975c-4703-8582-e7548e21ca04
Log File:
Info Type:

Platform is Steam, Player ID on steam Is Warrior Priest.

console-2023-01-03-23.32.48-2787399f-896c-4408-a349-706d55ccd593.log (37.2 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (183.1 KB)

Tried verify the game on steam, and tried reinstalling the game, no luck.

If you haven´t done yet, might try to put down the worker threads in the launcher settings by one or two steps.

What i´ve personally mentioned is, that if you´re on the desktop and acting on discord or so, while loading into a mission or something, it might cause a crash.

You might also want to turn off stuff like MSI afterburner and similar programs. They cause a lot of issues in different games.

Hope it helps a bit.

welcome to the club
there is a massive thread for this already

Tried lowering the worker threads but I think that made more or less zero change in this problem. not having discord on didn’t change anything either.
MSI afterburner etc I am not sure what is though.

Will be trying out some more things to see if there is any change, so far it’s not looking good though sadly.

We’re having some problems with crash reports at the moment. Please would you be able to send us another one?

yeah sure can do that. Sending a log here and also a crash report attachment. If these were correct?

GUID: f00fc3e8-75f5-4451-bbca-787e76da9cfc
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-01-05-15.13.19-fed77d69-f253-4069-834e-0a08bccc0737.log (6.3 KB)

i have similar issue, i went down to 1 thread and lowered graphs to mid with no result. Also i made full fresh installation of windows and darktide

GUID: dce194b8-57ba-4971-a83b-feabd2f3ce38
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-01-08-19.13.25-dce194b8-57ba-4971-a83b-feabd2f3ce38.log (78.7 KB)
console-2023-01-08-19.22.07-59ba1286-1eaf-402c-a9da-050446ac47de.log (532.2 KB)
console-2023-01-08-19.59.21-fe0a57c1-0d10-4f09-b72c-4c985822b956.log (175.0 KB)
console-2023-01-08-20.25.37-1c1ed953-382d-4bfa-9fd4-53a76a7d7ded.log (158.3 KB)

Bump (: Any information at all regarding this problem anytime soon? Been a while since release of the game now and not being able to play it at all since the beta pretty much sucks…

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Yo, is there a fix for this BS yet? I crash 90% of the time immediately upon joining quickplay, and now Im crashing when i select a mission, as soon as the mission loads up. This is a pile of crap right now, how can they release a game like this? Are they even working to repair this nonsense? Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I have scoured the internet for a fix and everyone says the same ol crap, repair files, reinstall, check your system requirements, all nonsense, my PC is top of the line and I have NO bloatware, this is a software issue 1000% and shouldn’t be happening if this game was developed right.

Have you gotten any replies on this? My game crashes everytime i join quickplay, and now its crashing when i try to start a fresh game too. Got my psyker to level 23 but just demoralized now and may completely delete this game. So upsetting.