Constant Crashes on Darktide

Came back to the game recently and each session I try to play I have the same consistent crash problem of pressing play official real twice with a crash, then the game works, but after I join a game it crashes again. Pressing play game again makes the game launch fine and I can play it for hours, but this crash problem comes up each time I try to play the game the next day. I have tried verify games files, updating drivers, deleting Darktide in the app data and playing on a lower graphics quality, but none of this has helped. crash logs below.

GUID: a94573a2-4075-459e-ae6e-0d9098bd556a
Log File:
Info Type:

Hi @sl_Kayzen,

Sorry to hear this. I’ve raised this crash in our database for investigation - we’re on it!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

This is happening to me too still. Was hopeful that they fixed it with the patch, but absolutely nothing has changed.

Same thing is happening to me, This is my crash report

GUID: 6341c888-a270-4598-887a-56bda04a9546
Log File:
Info Type:


Sorry to hear that. Based on the information in your logs, you are running into a different crash - a GPU Hang.

Please check out FAQ solutions linked in our pinned thread, and you can also add your report, here: