Game instantly crashes by using xbox 360 gamepad controller

Issue Summary:
Ever since the patch, using an xbox 360 gamepad controller causes the game to freeze and crash upon pressing the blue X button.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Plug in xbox 360 controller via USB, and press the X button anywhere in Taal’s Keep, while facing an object to interact with or otherwise.
  2. Also occurs when attempting to adjust settings, the X button will freeze and kill the game no matter the context.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)
Constant 100%, every single time I’ve pressed the button.

Additional Information:
I noticed it first occurring when I logged into the game after the patch downloaded. Using a controller, I ran to Okri’s challenges book, and hit X to access, which immediately froze my game. I thought it a fluke at first, and rebooted the game to the exact same outcome. Then I restarted my computer, and logged back in after, and instead of trying to access the challenges book, I tried to start a mission. This interaction also involves the X button on the xbox controller, and immediately froze and crashed my game. Another time I booted it up, and simply tried to talk to Lohner, which also caused it to crash. I gave up at this point and assumed it was just something associated with the other bugs, and took a break.

Later, my friend wanted to play, so I logged on and warned him I couldn’t seem to access anything, which still seemed to be true after a quick test. Because of the updates, all my graphics in Taal’s keep were far crisper, however as a result my framerate had decreased, and so I went into my settings to adjust my graphics, and hit the X button to reset to defaults. This was where I realized it wasn’t a problem of interacting with the various objects in the keep, but a bug related to the X button on the controller, as my game froze and crashed yet again. To test, once more I logged in and this time didn’t touch the controller, but ran up to Okri’s book and pressed E on the keyboard to access, to which I experienced no problems whatsoever. Further, me and my friend then started a mission, to which we did to completion, with no bugs occurring. To conclude that the X button was the culprit, I finally looked at no objects in the keep, just off into space after the mission, and pressed the X button, which immediately froze the game. This leaves no doubt in my mind the bug is exclusively related to the X button, as I was able to move about, switch weapons with the Y button, crouch with B, and jump with A, but pressing the X button at all resulted in an immediate crash.

I suppose I could simply leave the controller behind, but I learned the game on the controller, played ~300 hours using the controller, and am now unable to use the controller, so I hope you can fix whatever may be causing this!

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This should be solved now.

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