Game File Corruption from Patch 1.2.1 after it went LIVE!

I got this error when trying to start the game. Everything was fine during Patch 1.2.1 BETA.

It was Sticky Grim Mod. But seems like a lot of the sanctioned mods are acting up.


Hey jingo. Yes, all 3 of my mods (Waypoints, LockedAndLoaded, StickyGrim) are acting up because I updated them without going thru the proper sanctioning process. I assumed that the system would have simply marked the mods as unsanctioned (when attempting to use them on Official), but instead they’re showing this awful corrupt files message.

I’ve contacted Robin/Fatshark and am trying to get this resolved ASAP. Apologies to you and everyone else for the issue!

same for me, if disabled works fine

So I’ve reverted my mods (Waypoints, LockedAndLoaded, StickyGrim) to their previous versions so this should no longer happen for anyone. If you’re still getting the issue with one of those mods, please unsubscribe from the Workshop item and then resubscribe to get the proper version re-downloaded.

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Thanks @Badwin! Love your mods btw! StickyGrim and LockedandLoaded are must have mods for me and my friends.

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Just wanted to chime in and say your mods were working fine for me and my mate last night.

Thanks, hanzy. I had to revert them back to the old versions. Waypoints & LockedAndLoaded should both be throwing errors in chat but should work fine except that the icons will still show up in menus and stuff.

Working on getting an updated version out soon.


For anyone interested, Waypoints, StickyGrim, and LockedAndLoaded have all been updated to fix errors/issues and to remove the initialized message. Big thanks to Robin for helping me get these sanctioned so quickly!

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