Game doesn't launch in DX12

Meant to make this thread a while back, but I kept forgetting. Game runs fine in DX11, but for some reason, I can not even launch the game in DX12. If I try and click play with DX12 turned on, nothing happens. The launcher window just closes and that’s it. Nothing running in the background, no error messages, nothing.

I experience something similar: Sometimes when I try to launch modded realm in DX12 while official works fine it just does nothing. Then some weeks later it works again without any issues until it returns.

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This is odd - I’ll let one of our Engine Developers know.


Oh, apologies. This is correct. The game only launches Modded Relm in DX11, DX12 does work for the official Relm. @FatsharkJulia

Maybe my brain’s in holiday mode, admittedly I’m confused. :smiley:

So only the Modded Realm will work in DirectX 11, and not the Official Realm?

In DirectX 12, the Official Realm works? What about the Modded Realm?

Please correct me. :smiley:

DX11 works for the Modded and Official Realm.

DX12 only works for the Official Realm, not the Modded Realm.

If I try and launch in DX12 for modded, nothing happens. No pop up window, no error log, no crash, nothing. The launch window just closes and goes back to Desktop. No processes running in the back ground, etc.

Perfect. Thank you.

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