Game Crashing to Desktop All of a Sudden

Game crashed twice. Once before title screen, and once mid mission. I’ve played 25 hours without issue until now.

Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3.90 ghz
16gb RAM
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070

GUID: a0635fcc-cb25-4834-861e-a35c7491fb93
Log File:
Info Type:

[Crash Link]:
console-2020-07-16-01.21.53-57077380-dd27-4b17-b48c-3b2bc208d849.log (45.8 KB) console-2020-07-16-01.23.52-d60b48d0-c470-441b-b11a-b7e8f41f5036.log (202.1 KB) crash_dump-2020-07-16-01.21.53-57077380-dd27-4b17-b48c-3b2bc208d849.dmp (721.0 KB) crash_dump-2020-07-16-01.23.52-d60b48d0-c470-441b-b11a-b7e8f41f5036.dmp (664.6 KB)

Looks like an issue with your GPU memory, it’s likely to be driver-related. Have a look at:

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