Game crashes. XBOX version

Game will crash in chaos wastes if you
1: enter the portal bubble while your weapon upgrading or changeout is still loading.
2: pick up an event barrel while your weapon is Upgrading or still loading.
You are also unable to throw the barrel, it completely disappears, similar to doing so with the torch in the nurgle curse. Will also crash the game.

Load in times NEED TO BE ADDRESSED for Actual weapon changeouts (not switching weapons) in the keep and especially chaos wastes. Should be instantaneous. It use to be around the time of bogenhafen release, not sure why this has regressed and not been remedied.

Side note, being attacked should not cancel weapon switching during combat. I want to be able to block rather than be destroyed by a spawn while I’ve just shot a fire rat. You tend to blow up as any sienna class as you try to block instead you charge your weapon, usually resulting in a quick death. Bad mechanic.

Constant silent patrols instantly on top of you. Spawn directly into combat, or sit dormant in a tight pack around a corner.
Chaos wastes are hard enough without this happening when you decide to open the monster chests.

Also, when you go to all the trouble of killing the buffed up monster in the chests, it would be nice if the hard to come by pilgrims coins would not fall off cliffs or through the floor.
It really sucks when you are 30 coins short for a boon or upgrade that’s is beside one of the many cliffs we are unable to return to.

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