Game crashes when tempering engineer weave weapons on other bardin careers

Even after the hotfix.

Can you please provide a crash report?

Mmm, not sure how to be honest, I just crash to desktop without a crash report.
But I have been able to temper the pistol, maybe it’s just the coghammer. I’ll try crashing it some more.

Ah right! :frowning:

Super, any additional info would be appreciated!

Ok, this time I got a crash message. The pistol works fine, but when tempering the cog hammer it crashes.

GUID: 69264f36-3b09-41b6-85f4-79941f31561d
Log File:
Info Type:

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Brilliant - we’ll investigate.

Thanks again!

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+1 for this Issue, I too am having the same problem with crashes. No crash log. Can’t weave new weapons melee for the outcast Engineer.

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