Game crashes when changing weapons

Trying to change the meele weapon for Outcast Bardin and the game crashes, it happen three times in a row. Also the game didn’t load properly the DLC’s and erased some of the crafted DLC weapons.

Hello @sirdirtjoe, is a crash report produced when this occurs? If so, please copy and paste it here.

The DLCs deactivating is something I’m keeping an eye on - would you be able to provide me with the URL to your Steam profile please?

Hello @FatsharkJulia! thanks for the reply!

The crash didn’t produce a report when it happen, but now the game is running smoothly since today’s patch and the DLCs load correctly and the crafted DLCs weapons are back. If anything changes I write again in this post.

Steam URL: Steam Community :: Braumeister Joe

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