Crash when upgrading new hammer, or trying to back out of weave menu with it equipped

really just title, went to upgrade new hammer (havent tried the pistol yet but i assume same stuff will happen) and it crashed. when to equip first, and then back out to try and upgrade it with the reason being that maybe a menu change and different spot to try upgrading will work, and it crashed upon backing out. including a few crash logs, they should encompass both scenarios. two should be on RV, and one on IB if that makes a difference. tried with no mods on either
oh and i had a crash when a storm picked me up while i was in a corner, instead of releasing me like it should when i was at the peak of the storm and being forced into a ceiling, it released me from the game. dont know which crash dump it is, so thats unfortunate

moreso just a bug but i dont want to make another topic for it, if you spam inspect with the new pistol then you will queue up to 3 sounds that will play once you stop spamming the button, but its kinda fun ngl.

crash_dump-2020-11-22-04.49.26-14dc3904-a4ee-46c9-9a6c-4e8cb5c203ba.dmp (736.7 KB) crash_dump-2020-11-22-04.51.33-4f32e259-8b34-4b89-9cb2-7822383598fe.dmp (695.6 KB) crash_dump-2020-11-22-04.47.44-3fed99cb-e2ae-4725-a0f6-a4082aa85a89.dmp (664.6 KB)console-2020-11-22-04.49.26-14dc3904-a4ee-46c9-9a6c-4e8cb5c203ba.log (123.7 KB) console-2020-11-22-04.51.33-4f32e259-8b34-4b89-9cb2-7822383598fe.log (126.3 KB) console-2020-11-22-04.47.44-3fed99cb-e2ae-4725-a0f6-a4082aa85a89.log (135.7 KB)

Please include the associated console logs also. Thank you!

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