Game crashes when connecting twitch account

b.txt (73.7 KB)
console-2019-06-21-04.20.08-3b4b9ea3-87c1-4068-a4bb-949f42fbc639.log (151.5 KB)
crash_dump-2019-06-21-04.20.08-3b4b9ea3-87c1-4068-a4bb-949f42fbc639.dmp (496.2 KB)

Type account name and click connect then game crashes.
I have suffered this for few months.

I really want to play twitch mode but I can’t T.T

Sorry about this - I’ve raised your issue with development.

P.S. This is likely unrelated to what you’re experiencing, but I couldn’t help but notice your GPU drivers are outdated by at least 1.5 years. Worth keeping them up-to-date. :slight_smile:

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