Game Crashes Upon Trying To Start a Level

console-2021-05-20-14.23.02-4c8009bb-47a2-4192-b169-70adcccdb6ee.log (115.3 KB)

Recently, whenever I try to start a game, whether its Chaos Wastes, quick play drop in, or a start to my own game, it will soon after crash. Sometimes I get to the loading screen, sometimes it crashes upon pressing the play button. I have also occasionally crashed before I even got to the main menu. The logs I’ve provided are a crash from just pressing the play button on quick play. I have tried both reinstalling and verification of the game cache.

Sorry to hear this - I’ve passed your report on to our developers for investigation!

do you have a *.dmp file with matching name? ( 4c8009bb-47a2-4192-b169-70adcccdb6ee)

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